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Al Mari: Sultan Al Neyadi is under medical observation for 45 days


Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center Director General Salem Humaid Al Marri said the Emirati astronaut will undergo medical monitoring for 45 days after his return to Earth to ensure his safety and assess his health before and after. The beginning of space travel.

He pointed out that the medical team will have personnel from the Emirates and it will be based in a private hospital in the US.

He told “Emirates Today”: “The results of the tests in which Sultan Al Neyadi participated will be announced next year, 2024, and will be part of a book that will be published.”

Al Mari added during a press conference via Zoom that the Crew-6 team, including Sultan Al Neyadi, will land today (Monday) and the landing site will be 45 kilometers away on Tampa Beach. State of Florida, USA.

He pointed out that there are several teams behind the work of Sultan Al Neyadi, which works continuously from the beginning of the journey to its end, which extends almost to the end of the year.

Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi succeeded in achieving a qualitative and historic feat, establishing regionally and globally the title of the first Arab country to complete the longest space mission in Arab history lasting six months aboard the International Space Station. Conduct pioneering scientific experiments that contribute to the service of humanity and the scientific community.

Last April, Al-Neyadi became the first Arab astronaut to carry out a “spacewalk” mission outside the International Space Station as part of the 69th mission, which lasted about seven hours to carry out several basic tasks such as maintenance and modernization. In addition to completing a series of preparations for the installation of multiple solar panels on the space station, solar energy plays a key role in powering the International Space Station, providing clean, renewable energy to support onboard experiments, systems and daily operations. .

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The victory strengthened the UAE’s global leadership in the space industry, as the UAE became the tenth largest in the world in spacewalks outside the International Station, reflecting the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center’s efforts to continue space exploration. This historic achievement adds to the record of Arab countries’ contributions to space exploration.

After Al Neyadi completed about 4,000 hours of work in space, the Emirati astronaut conducted about 200 scientific experiments in various fields that took 585 hours and contributed to the development of scientific and technological paths in the country, the most important of which was the study of the effects of microgravity on the response of human cells to infections. In collaboration with Saudi Arabian astronaut Rayana Barnawi, experiments in the production of protein crystals for “group” Ox-2″, and “PCG2” antibodies and preparation of research on tissue, studies of how certain substances burn in microgravity, and chips on the functions of the heart, brain and cartilage. and other scientific experiments in collaboration with… Expedition 69 crew.

As Al Neyadi carried out about 19 research experiments in collaboration with NASA, European Space Agency, Canadian Space Agency and Japan Space Exploration, the Emirati astronaut achieved success in scientific experiments in collaboration with 25 local and international universities and 10 international space agencies. Agency (JAXA), and the National Center for Exploration in Space in France and this collaboration helped complete the “LUMINA” experiment, the first of its kind to study the levels of space radiation aboard the International Space Station. To prepare scientific medical studies including studying the cardiovascular system and studying the causes of diseases in space.

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Al Neyadi’s visit, part of the “Meetings from Space” series that attracted more than 10,000 people, helped enrich the community’s knowledge of the space industry and its fields by improving social interaction. Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center’s public and 7 wireless communications. The importance of communication lies in promoting culture and education in the field and inspiring the next generation of scientists and researchers.

The International Space Station was launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center on March 3 as part of the Emirates astronaut program, the first long-duration mission for Arab astronauts in history, as Al Neyadi arrived at the station on the SpaceX Dragon initiative. , with a team. Mission “Group-6”.

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