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3 initiatives to improve the mental health of community members


The Social Contribution Authority has announced “Together” its collaboration with “Dagallam”, an electronic platform specializing in providing mental health services and advice, with the aim of launching three innovative initiatives to improve mental health in Abu Dhabi.

These initiatives represent an important step towards meeting the mental health needs of various segments of society in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, targeting spouses, students and academic staff at universities, and reflect the Maan Commission’s commitment to achieving real social impact.

Through its effective collaboration with Tagallam Platform to launch a digital platform specializing in marriage counseling and two mental health programs for students and teaching, “Takahwa” strives to build a cohesive community centered on shared social responsibility. and administrative staff in universities to develop its latest programs to contribute to social empowerment.

The Ma’an Authority’s commitment to achieving this vision is embodied by launching a series of programs and initiatives designed to support community enterprises, develop results-focused programs, provide sustainable funding mechanisms and encourage the participation of community members.

Salem Ali Al Shamsi, Managing Director of the Incubator and Social Contracts Department at Ma’an, said: “This partnership reflects our commitment to raising the level of mental health among members of the Emirati community. Psychological health is an important factor in health in general, and providing basic support and necessary resources.” By the way, we are confident in our ability.” “To build stronger social bonds and improve mental health, contributing to the establishment of a healthy and happy society.”

He added: “Takahwa Digital Platform specializes in providing marriage counseling and mental health programs to students and teaching and administrative staff in universities in collaboration with the third sector, reflecting our continued commitment to building a strong and cohesive community. It is about providing sustainable solutions with long-term impact that address a wide range of priorities.” Society”.

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• Initiatives target couples, students and academic staff in universities.

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