June 6, 2023

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Wagner Founder: Pentagon Leaks Leaked on Purpose

Russian news agencies quoted Prigozhin as saying that he attended a meeting with experts and intelligence officers from his forces about the leaked documents and concluded that the documents were leaked deliberately.

Prigozhin said: “Today I went to a meeting about the leaked American documents, including representatives of the intelligence agency Wagner and analysts specializing in American affairs. We made the following conclusions: this document is the last warning of the United States, and that’s it. It was deliberately leaked to raise some questions. These colleagues who attended the meeting with me I hope they will provide more details on that in the future.

Citing a Pentagon official, the New York Times previously reported that the US Department of Defense is investigating the leak of classified Pentagon documents detailing the status of the Ukrainian military and US and NATO plans to support Ukrainian forces. The documents, dated early March, were distributed on “pro-Russian government Telegram channels.”

It is said that more than 100 documents can be obtained on the Internet, and what happened is estimated to be significant.

It is noteworthy that US federal authorities arrested Jacques Teixeira, a 21-year-old man working in the intelligence unit of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, who is the main suspect in the leak of the Pentagon Papers.

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