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Warning: Artificial Intelligence May End Creativity


Shafak News / Professor Mikhail Fedotov of the Faculty of Law of the Russian Higher School of Economics described creativity in production as the main risk of artificial intelligence through the implementation of standard protocols.

Fedotov said at the forum “Ethics in the field of artificial intelligence “GBT generation, red lines” that the development of new technologies, including artificial intelligence, increases the risks of “robotization” of society, which a person does not try to achieve. Real results, but implement standard business ethics and submit reports.

He added, “The main danger is not even in implants that can be implanted in the human body, but in the use of progressive methods in production processes in various fields, including medicine, secondary and higher education, culture and science. Implementation of standard protocols leads to modification of real creativity, followed by rigorous and detailed reporting.” .

He pointed out that there is a desire to use artificial intelligence technologies on a wider scale in specific sectors, which will help reduce the role of human labour.

Fedotov believed that human work was less subject to codification and algorithmization. But this does not mean that humans have to become automated robots. We are now witnessing the process of making creativity real by imitating creativity on the one hand, therapy replacing therapy by imitating creativity on the other, just as science is being replaced by scientific metrics and culture is being replaced by seat figures and attendance numbers in theaters. For museums. We pursue goals that are completely different from those that society and civilization face.

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It is worth noting that the Forum on Ethics in the Field of Artificial Intelligence “GBT Generation, Red Lines” was held on November 16 at Doss Agency with the support of the President’s Office and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Ethics. Group on Artificial Intelligence.

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