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We can only blame ourselves..we should not admit to the pressure of the competition we are subjected to

Release Date:
August 17, 2021 22:57 GMT

Update Date: August 18, 2021 6:12 GMT

Syed Abdel Hafeez, the football director of Al-Ahly, criticized the referee for his team’s match against Tala L-Jaish as he did not turn to video technology to check his team’s goal.

Source: Editorial Board – Erm News

Al-Ahly’s football director Saeed Abdel Hafeez criticized the referee of his team’s match against Tala al-Jaish, who did not return to video technology to check his team’s goal, and decided not to count it because the ball did not cross the goal line with full rotation.

Abdul Hafiz said in a television report, “Tala al-Jaish’s defensive foot defender was on the goal line, while the other man who took the ball was inside the goal, so the ball crossed the goal in full order.”

He added: “I tell the referee, laugh at us, uncle, and go back to the video, don’t think so, but not this way, and cancel the ball without returning to the video. Referee Mahmoud Passioni managed two matches for Al-Ahly in 13 days, when he He canceled two goals, the first against Wadi Tekla and the other against Army Vanguard.

He added: “The video technology in all al-Ahly matches has called into question his goals and the referee returned to verify them despite their validity, while al-Ahly’s goal-scoring goals are calculated without question. His goal line is, of course, within the second foot goal.

He continued, “Things have become very difficult for the team, but we will not give up and the chance is still there, even if it’s hard, and the players have won so many championships in a short period of time.

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He stressed: “Justice does not apply to everyone in the league. Talking about equal opportunities is not from the bottom of the league. We made a mistake here. ”

He insisted, “But I have no right to say that the referee expelled al-Ahli from the league, but how can the referee sit in front of a screen and make a mistake in enforcing the law?”

Al-Ahly lost two valuable points in the league clash with Jamalek, who scored a goalless draw with Tala El-Jaish in the 31st round combined match.

Al-Ahly finished 69th, 4 points ahead of President Jamalek, and 39th in the eighth, just before the end of 3 rounds.