March 25, 2023

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We need a talk show!

We need a talk show!

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We need this kind of TV show that TV people call “talk shows,” whose translation is “talk shows.” It discusses with the personalities of experts, officials and the general public, that many events and happenings appear on the surface. The community continues to live together in his land, considering the nature of our community and the diversity of cultures.

Cultural diversity and the reception of millions of people from all over and the pace of change we experience, constantly create many events, problems and issues that are controversial among community members because it is an emergency in their lives. , Covered with uncertainty and confusion, and a variety of opinions, each says his own attire, and each offers his own advice, which confuses people! What is an exit?

Speech programs are one of the practical and modern solutions to guide and influence public opinion in such situations. Understanding and knowledge, thus creating a real awareness of what is going on around them, which helps them not to get confused and fall into the trap. Rumors and lies.

Historically, the United States was first familiar with this type of program from 1948, the era of the beginning of the spread of television, during which time talk shows marked most broadcast times, and from there spread and reached us, and we controlled. They are completely between political and exaggerated technologies, and we have forgotten to worry about public television affairs.

There are two forms of talk shows: the first form is hosting a guest of a prominent person, discussing political issues or commenting on a raised issue or political message or hosting two guests representing different trends or ideas and the second common form is community, economic, educational and … Like the popular Oprah Winfrey talk show, it is about presenting various public issues through different personalities in the arts.

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Therefore, we urgently need a talk show that discusses public issues rather than the chaos of social media that throws people right and left.