March 25, 2023

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Temperature rise

Weather: Very hot weather

Released: 06/16/2022 (Last Updated: 06/16/2022 Time: 05:33)

The Bethlehem-Mann Meteorological Department expects the weather to be relatively warm today, with another increase in temperature to 3 degrees Celsius above its annual average, with winds ranging from mild to northeast to mild to moderate, and sea level to mild.

Tonight: The weather will be hot in most parts, the winds will be moderate from the northwest and the sea will be slightly higher.

Friday 06/17/2022: The weather will be relatively warm, with no significant change in temperature, 3 degrees Celsius above their annual average, and the wind will be light with northeast to northeast, light to moderate speed, and high tides.

Saturday 06/18/2022: The weather will be slightly cloudy and the temperature will drop slightly above the annual average, with moderate winds and light sea waves from the northwest light.

Sunday 06/19/2022: The weather will be partly cloudy with a slight drop in temperature around their annual average, with mild to moderate winds and light sea waves.

Meteorological Center warns citizens:

Especially from eleven to four o’clock in the afternoon when there is a lot of direct sunlight.

Danger of setting fire to areas where dry weeds are abundant.

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