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What are the rules in force in Dubai?

By J.C. | On 06/08/2021 at 5:49 pm | Updated on 06/08/2021 at 17:59

Here are the rules in Dubai to combat COVID-19. These rules apply from Tuesday, June 8:

– Until June 6, live entertainment may resume for a 1-month trial period,

– Hotel flats are no longer limited to 70%, so it returns to its “normal” levels,

– Weddings organized in reception halls and hotels can have up to 100 guests, but the latter and staff must be vaccinated. On the other hand, home-arranged weddings are limited to 30 guests.

– Brunches return after 1 month suspension,

– Graduation ceremonies can be held in person this year,

– 10 guests can share the same table in the restaurant (as opposed to the previous 7). In cafes, this number is set at 6.

– If all participants and staff are vaccinated, concerts, sports, social and corporate events can be held face-to-face again,

– Larger public events are organized indoors for 1,500 participants compared to 2,500 if they are held outside,

– Wearing a mask and respecting the social distance of 2 meters applies when people gather, whether it is a public or private event,

– Prayer rooms dedicated to women in mosques will reopen in March 2020 after the doors were closed due to COVID-19.

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