May 28, 2023

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What did Sumaya al-Qashab say after the stoning of Tawfiq Rashwan’s daughter?

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Egyptian artist Sumaya al-Kashab expressed her support for the talented artist Rashwan Tawfiq. A TV episode.

Somaya al-Kashab wrote on her Facebook page: “Rushwan Tawfiq, a respected artist, disagrees that you are in the hearts of every Egyptian and Arab family. Yours.

Rashwan Tawfiq said: I have lived for them all my life, I handed over the money I got to my late wife, she was the one who gave me the allowance and he disabled me in his life and after his death. I only have a mobile and landline phone in my name and I gave everything to my kids.

And the great artist Rashwan Tawfiq continued, “After the death of my son Tawfiq, I took care of his only daughter, I had nothing for myself, I lived for my children, but after the death of my wife Haja, recently my daughter’s husband and my grandson Alia, due to material differences my After affecting my daughter, I was amazed at the effort to control what I had, even though I had not lost anything in my entire life. Work, it must be the biggest tragedy I have ever lived in my life.

The great artist sadly pointed out, “They have been trying to lead the love house I have built all my life, and despite all this I feel sorry for my daughter Iya, because she is so simple and kind that she may have been beaten and forced to file lawsuits. I pray for her health and guidance against me.”

Artist Rushwan Tawfiq concluded, “What’s happening to me now reminds me of the story of Shakespeare and Al-Amin Yako’s Othello, which I simulated on stage, the story of King Lear and so what’s happening to the people.


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