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What happened after condemning Hezbollah for “the crime of the age”


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Two years ago, a special court in Lebanon issued its primary verdict on the basis of evidence proving that Hezbollah army chief Salim Ayyash was deliberately involved in the so-called “crime” in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. Century. “Assad’s party members were acquitted.

The day before yesterday, Hezbollah got a new International Court of Justice jury, which ruled in favor of the Court of Appeals, which corrected errors made by the first instance council in the law and prevented the administration of justice from being left in doubt. Assassination. Accordingly, Murray and Onisi joined forces with Saleem Ayyash, who had been in hiding since the verdict against him was released, while this very important judicial development infiltrated the internal context, with its symbolic contradiction, the verdict issued the day before yesterday. On the eve of the 17th anniversary of the March 14 uprising triggered by the massacre, the former prime minister, Chad Hariri, along with the prime minister’s immediate position, blamed Hezbollah for covering up and protecting criminals. The case has reached a climax amid the political and electoral situation in Lebanon.


Between the two scenarios, there is a legal and political consensus that Hezbollah has practically condemned the adoption and protection of the three perpetrators, while its presumption of innocence remains only in action. The urgency of dismissing the accused and convicted members on the basis of unquestionable evidence and bringing them before justice. According to various readings, he will continue to defend non-partisan and political exclusions to his subsidiaries, with them placing the party within the dock of charges and punishment, at least with the offense of concealing criminals.

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Observers believe the ruling put Hezbollah back in the circle of local and international targets, as well as in the dock, which was proven by evidence, facts and technical and logistical evidence. Administrative positions provide a new deeper justice for Lebanon. , Requires official authority to enforce international arrest warrants against offenders.

Meanings and implications

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the 17th anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Hariri on February 14 marked the anniversary of the future movement’s observers and all Lebanese, burdened with atmospheres, meanings and atmospheres. Hariri was assassinated by Chad Hariri’s decision to withdraw from the candidacy. Gateway to its impact on the May 15 parliamentary elections and the developments that follow.


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