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What is the best time to brush your teeth? Your morning routine can be harmful


Dentists have succeeded in ending the debate about the best time to brush after waking up, confirming that the best time to brush is after coffee and a meal. British newspaper “The. Sun”.

Brushing your teeth after breakfast is good for your oral health because it helps protect your teeth from damage caused by acidic foods and drinks, protecting your teeth from acidic foods like orange juice or coffee is key to stopping enamel damage.

This applies to brushing your teeth soon after eating your breakfast, as this can cause further damage to the teeth when the enamel is weak. Doctors recommend that you wait at least 30 minutes after eating to brush your teeth.

British dentist Jai Joshi said brushing your teeth after breakfast is beneficial for oral health as it helps protect your teeth from damage caused by acidic foods and drinks, and waiting 30 minutes after eating helps your saliva neutralize acids. And remineralize your teeth, which reduces the risk of damage.

Brushing after a meal can reduce sensitivity, which is “exacerbated” by brushing before a meal, he said, adding that brushing after a meal removes food particles from your mouth, allowing bacteria to break down.

Mistakes you make while brushing your teeth

Not brushing after eating can leave food particles in the mouth or between the teeth, promoting bacteria and ultimately, tooth decay and gum disease.

The dentist continued, “Plaque can irritate your gums and lead to gingivitis. If it’s not removed properly by brushing and flossing, it can develop into a serious form of gum disease.”

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He emphasized the need to wash the toothbrush thoroughly to prevent the spread of bacteria and fungus on the bristles of the brush.

“Ultimately, the most important aspect is maintaining a consistent and comprehensive oral hygiene routine, including brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups,” Joshi said. and preferences.” personal.”

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