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What is the new linguistic feature offered by Google for Android 13 users?


Work Google The new language feature is expected to be released with Android 13 because this feature is called “Panlingual” and it is expected that Android 13 users will be able to choose a different language for each application installed on their devices.

For example, if the user uses English as the language of the Android computer, they can use this feature to use Spanish for their social media applications without even changing the settings of the computer or other applications.

Again, the report further states that if a user’s business requires the use of a foreign language, they may assign business applications to that particular language while keeping other applications in their own language.

The new Panlingual feature is still in its infancy and may change in the coming years, and the report adds information about where users can find it when Google releases it.

The report states that the multilingual option is expected to be available in the “Application Info” menu or will be added to the new “Application Languages” menu commonly found on the “Language and Input” page in Settings.

Expected to be added as a separate system, Google will allow users to change the language preferences of the application in one place, and this will save users time from having to change the language of each application individually.

Applications that require users to change the language require support for other languages, and this feature may not be of much use if the apps support only one language, however, Google has added support for built-in translation in Android 12. Even if apps developers do not add other languages ​​in the future, Android will be able to translate apps automatically.

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Currently, Android apps set their own language using system settings, and if the app supports multiple languages, users can choose the language from which they want to find the right option from the many menus in the app.

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