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What is the strange phenomenon seen in the sky of Palestine?

What is the strange phenomenon seen in the sky of Palestine?

Published: 07/24/2022 (Last Updated: 07/24/2022 Time: 23:22)

BETHLEHEM – DEER – Last night hundreds of citizens north and south and east saw a strange phenomenon represented by a train of bright stars moving across the sky, which led to many analyzes of this rare strange phenomenon.

In this regard, the Palestinian Astronomical Society confirmed that the citizens were surprised to see this night, last night, they saw a phenomenon in the sky, a series of bodies appeared in the sky in the form of a train of moving stars, and they were moving quickly and in one direction, which were satellites called Starlink. , which is part of a larger project launched by the famous company SpaceX, which aims to provide affordable internet to the general public. These satellites, and when the project is completed in 2025, its number will reach about 12 thousand satellites, and the cost of the project will be 10 billion dollars.

The satellite train can be seen with the naked eye at different times and the network consists of 3 groups of satellites, the first being 7,518 satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 340 km, the association explained in a statement. , and the second consists of 1,600 satellites orbiting at an altitude of 550 km, while the third consists of 2,825 satellites orbiting at an altitude of 1,150 km.

The satellites, which are in the form of faint successive stars, move at the same speed and direction to the naked eye, and shine from the fourth or fifth magnitude, which means that they need a dark sky to see them, but some observers see them sometimes bright, reaching the second pot, allowing a clear view of the field. Even in cities.

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These moons are currently between 5 and 8 degrees apart, but over time the moons will grow farther apart and their luminosity will decrease as they reach their final heights.

This phenomenon receives widespread attention from satellite observers due to its remarkable and unusual appearance