June 5, 2023

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Riyadh Newspaper |  End of "Arab Jazz Festival".

Riyadh Newspaper | End of “Arab Jazz Festival”.

Music Authority concluded the “Arab Jazz Music Festival”, organized for two days at “Dahran Expo” in Dammam, with the participation of a group of top jazz artists and composers from the Middle East and Europe. It is believed to be the first of its kind in the kingdom.

The second day of the festival saw a great interaction from the audience with the participation of groups and artists, which were characterized by creativity and innovation at the level of melody and performances. The beginning was with the al-Farabi band, which revived ancient Arabic poetry by presenting it differently from the previous ones: “A Little Mind” from the poems of Imam al-Shabi, “May peace be upon the world” I, “I will give you satisfaction” by Abu Nawaz, and “I If There Are Two Hearts” and “The Psychiatrist” by Qays Bin Al-Malouh.

The Saudi National Music Group also performed plays by some of the Kingdom’s most popular singers amid a melodious ensemble.

The audience was on a date with Hazem Shaheen, the “Master of the Egyptian Ode” who played the ode on “The Last Call” and “Aish,” witnessing the dialogue between the instruments and the recording. ”, and “If You Were With Me”, introduced Saeed Darwish’s “Eh El Abrah” in a new style.

In the evening there will be a performance by a “pop” band led by the Jordanian artist Aziz Maraka, musical fragments of various songs from Arab folklore, after being musically redistributed in a contemporary way, amid great interaction of the masses, including: “Fouk Elna Khalil” and “Bint El Nas”.

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Artists Hani Adel, Nida Sharara and Jimmy El Gohary participated in a group of upbeat and rapturous songs, while Saudi singer Zuri Khatan guested in the group’s “Pop” segment and performed “Nadid” with Indian and Arabic accents. rhythms.

It is noteworthy that the first day of the “Arab Jazz Music Festival” saw the participation of German artist Rabi Abu Khalil, “Music Band” and “Majaz Band”. Groups in France, Egyptian oud player Mohamed Abu Zakri.

By organizing the Arab Jazz Festival, the Music Commission aims to promote national and Arab talent and participation in musical events, and to celebrate jazz music and clarify the importance of the oud in composing Arab instruments.