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What types of sharks and when do they approach the beach pose a threat to vacationers?


It has been more than a week since the attack Shark On the shores of the Egyptian city of Hurghada overlooking the Red Sea, a young Russian man in his twenties was killed, but in Egypt or other Arab countries, tongues still tell the story amid fears of reviving it. One of the beaches of the region.

Egyptian and Russian official sources announced on Thursday, June 8 A young Russian living in Egypt, born in 1999, was killed by a fish attack Pulichura On the coast of the Egyptian city of Hurghada.

And the pioneers of social media went viral on a video A young Russian man wrestles with a large fish in the open sea before it floats to the surface near the fins of the shark that attacked him..

Always in the same video, a woman’s voice says, “Oh my god… what is this?!” screaming, accompanied by distress calls from far away. Only a few minutes passed before the shark and the man disappeared under the water in a tragic scene that marked the surrender of the young Russian before the ferocity of a deadly animal. Moments where the victim tried to save himself by removing the shark’s fangs, but to no avail.

Killer Shark Hunt

The Egyptian government did not wait long to capture the killer animal, “in light of the unusual behavior of this fish that caused the accident…” according to the Egyptian Ministry of Environment. He also indicated that, within the framework of “relevant international protocols”, all water activities in the region would be suspended for two days at the time while seeking to determine the “possible causes” of the attack.

After catching it, Egyptian officials mummified the fish and put it on display at the Red Sea Branch Museum of the National Marine Science and Fisheries Institute, which tracks the life history of marine life.

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A similar attack was provoked by a fish Shark In July 2022, two tourists died, the first Austrian and the second Romanian. In 2018, the remains of a Czech tourist were found on a beach in the Egyptian city of Marsa Alam, overlooking the Red Sea, after an official confirmed that he had decided to swim in an area with fish. Shark. And in 2015, a German tourist in his fifties was killed by a fish Shark He was swimming during an excursion in the tourist town of Qusayr in southeastern Egypt.

The Red Sea in Egypt and the resorts overlooking it are one of the main factors that attract tourists to the country, where the tourism sector accounts for at least 10 percent of its gross domestic product..

France 24 spoke to France 24 to find out more about the fish, its distribution areas and people, especially vacationers, who go to coastal beaches to escape the high temperatures in the cities, especially as the summer holidays approach. Moroccan expert Najib. Al-Omari, who Head, Regional Center, National Institute for Fisheries Research, Natur North of Morocco.

  • What types of sharks are common in the seas and oceans of the Maghreb and Arab countries, and which are the most dangerous?

Sharks are found in all seas and oceans, including Arab countries. They are available in various sizes. There are sharks of large sizes and others of smaller sizes, some of which do not exceed 30 to 40 centimeters in length. Of course, there are large sharks that are over five meters long and weigh three tons or more. Among these fish, we find those who prefer to live in deep places and stay close to the coast at depths not exceeding a few meters.

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There are more than 500 species of sharks in the world’s seas and oceans. But there are very few dangerous ones that can attack humans. Three species come to the fore: the first type is the white shark, which is the largest, the second is the tiger shark, and then the “poldog” shark, which is smaller in size.

  • Where There are This is amazing species from Fish Shark Is it dangerous?

The white shark, which is the largest, as I said, can be found in the Mediterranean Sea, with more than 40 species. As for the other two species: namely, the “tiger” and the “bulldog”, we find them in the Atlantic, and they both live in and near the tropics. They are not recorded as being in the Mediterranean region.

  • why Attack these animals People in certain parts of the world? But don’t we hear about its attacks on holiday-filled beaches?

Any Animal that He Priya Or by sea, He is one attack For reasons among them search On that day Food Or Security On that day Self Or when to protect On that day His part. May be You are a grandfather The same Type from Fish Shark Inside cases attack the man And inside cases Others No attack.

But the white shark, because it swims so deep, is believed to prey on anything it sees on the surface, even if it’s a human in the act of swimming. However, it does not attack as I said in all cases, because when it senses danger it wants to leave.

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Generally, it does not have a clear strategy so that we know exactly when to attack and when not to attack. It is impossible to judge his behavior and accurately predict his reaction.

Regarding your question about how we don’t hear about accidents on coastal beaches, especially when crowded with vacationers, these fish generally stay away from areas of movement and noise and help comb the areas where they are. By providing them with sound vibrations and a magnetic field, so they do not approach these areas because they perceive danger to themselves.

  • If a person meets these fish, is there a chance to escape their danger? For example, rumors recently circulated in the wake of a Russian murder on an Egyptian beach that standing in front of her and looking into her eyes made her run away. Is this true?

Like I said, sharks don’t attack in all cases. He may meet a man and not attack him. But if he is hungry, of course, he will attack anything that appears in front of him.

A person can defend himself if he has a sharp iron tool, such as divers carry, and if he stabs it once, he will run away because he feels that the object in front of him is a threat to him. However, it is not true that one should stand in front of him and look into his eyes. Not only do sharks see with their eyes, they also use sound vibrations and magnetic fields. They are able to perceive what is happening around them in a large area.

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