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A student from the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence has been ranked third in the world.


Kafar el-Sheikh – Muhammad Suleiman

Sunday, June 11, 2023 at 06:00 AM

Many successes have been achieved by the people of Kafr el-Sheikh governorate and the faculty students in general. Artificial intelligence In particular, a student who placed third in the world at a global competition held in China, after a tough competition with competitors from around the world, Kafralshekh University sees the graduation of its first batch after several days. Faculty of Artificial Intelligence in Egypt.

Among the students are those who invented glasses that help the blind to coexist with others and recognize multiple currencies, and some of them invented a “robot” to treat patients, reduce infection among patients, and communicate with patients faster. The use of vision by the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence, Kafr al-Sheikh University, adapts to the latest technological applications to assist medical staff in isolation hospitals by automatically moving around the hospital, mapping and locating isolation rooms, in addition to the robot’s ability to carry and deliver medicines and food to more than one patient, moving through the building and through them..

Mahmoud Atef said he is a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence and has participated in several competitions, the latest being an international competition held in China, as part of Kafr al-Sheikh University’s recommendations to compete globally within a single Egyptian team on the Cloud Path. (Cloud Track) Organized annually by an international institution, four Egyptian teams and more than 30 different teams of 90 male and female students from countries on the African continent (Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Mali, Senegal, Morocco, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Libya, Cape Verde).

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In 2019, after securing 91% marks, he became one of the first batch of Artificial Intelligence College at Riyadh Center and through his many experiences and good preparation of the college, he became. A programmer in the field of artificial intelligence, in a graduate project he participated in, Tim, a college student, had the idea to help blind people with glasses that would help them stand on their own, without needing outside help. Blindly conforming to the society, normal coexistence, trusting themselves to deal with people without trusting others, it costs 10 thousand pounds, through which he can learn about coins, dealing with vendors and all aspects of society..

Atef stressed that participating in these competitions will develop the technical skills of the youth and create a trained and qualified workforce in the IT sector, using new technologies to meet the needs of the local and global labor market. Artificial intelligence, big data analytics and many other fields..

Talal Abdul Rahman Kamel of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence said, “Patient Therapy Robot allows the robot to talk directly with medical staff via video call. It is multi-purpose in the medical field. Measure vital indicators of the patient such as temperature, heart rate and saturation. “Oxygenated blood, and the health of patients. And the temperature and humidity of the isolated atmosphere to ensure safety and the surrounding atmosphere, and the robot is equipped. Semi-automated disinfection of isolation buildings to keep the atmosphere clean and healthy, and the team is currently adding some artificial intelligence projects in the field of language processing and computer vision..

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Hajar Imad Ghazi, one of the students in charge of the project, added that the robot will be equipped with programs capable of handling Egyptian slang, recognizing it and executing certain commands. Programs capable of diagnosing certain diseases will also be developed. In the field of computer vision, robots are given algorithms using artificial intelligence techniques. It can detect and determine the name, age and mood of each patient in addition to detecting people who are not wearing masks. , as well as self-diagnosis of medical X-rays to reduce the time and effort of medical personnel.

Dr. Abdel-Razek Desoghi noted that the university administration encourages and encourages its students to participate in all scientific and cultural competitions and forums, whether local or international. They need to develop their skills to contribute to winning and winning first places..

Continued work in the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence

Patient Therapy Robot, Kafralshek University

Ghafar El-Sheikh team participates in the global competition

Fawz Mahmoud Atef Ibn Kafr El-Sheikh University

During Mahmoud Atef’s stay in China

Mahmoud Atef won the third place in the world

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