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What was the “PPD” disease that struck Yasmin al-Qadib and prompted her to attempt suicide?




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Today, Saturday, Egyptian media and artist Yasmin al-Ghadib announced that she has separated from her husband, businessman Ramadan Hosni, after 10 months of marriage.

Al-Qaeda posted a note on its Facebook page: “Yesterday … on the advice of my psychiatrist, I tried to commit suicide by overdosing on the Xanax and triptizol pills I usually take. Unfortunately, the attempt did not work. It worked, so I was forced to return to this disgusting, horrible life. , Her family unfair .. I was not affected by emotional trauma, or anything like that.

She continued, “But I’ve had BPD all my life …” I would boldly admit that I suffer from borderline personality disorder. No one could understand my condition or support me .. I am very sensitive, moody, don’t believe me. There is a great fear that anyone will be abandoned. All those who realized my condition took advantage of my weakness mercilessly .. I no longer have the strength to resist .. I want salvation.

Al-Masri says that a romantic relationship can cause a person mental or psychological illness, or love is a problem, so he cannot enter into any relationship because of fear, which can lead to psychological exhaustion. Al-Yum.

Next, Yasmin al-Qadib reveals that she suffers from 3 most important psychological disorders related to love, including borderline personality disorder.

1. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
According to the Mayo Clinic website, the disease has many other complex symptoms besides abnormal behavior in love.

Fear of abandonment, which can lead to violent actions to avoid real or imaginary division or rejection.

The unstable pattern of emotional relationships such as actively glorifying someone and believing the next moment that they are neglected or cruel.

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Rapid changes in a person’s self-image and identity, changes in values ​​and goals and the feeling that you are a bad person or that your existence has no value.

Borderline personality disorder usually begins with the onset of old age. This condition can worsen in adolescence and gradually improve with age.

Many people with this disorder can progress through treatment over time and learn to live a fulfilling life.

2. Worship (de Clarembo)
The exchange of feelings of love and emotion for a person is a natural state, but this love has a pathological form, if it is not present except in the mind of a party, it is a condition manifested by emotional mania syndrome. , Also known as “De Climambo” Syndrome or Syndrome “Intromnia”.

Also the symptoms of “anthropomnia” are that the patient feels a frantic and sick love for another person and thinks that he loves her.

Strong evidence suggests the opposite, but unless the patient follows it and develops it within himself, he will not miss an opportunity to prove himself right, that is, every action given by a person who believes he loves himself implies an implicit message towards him, and sometimes what he does with interest. Is exaggerated on the other, so he believes he is being chased by one person and informs others, and he avoids himself and him. Pursuit, and he is pitied because he is being persecuted by his love, and has not seen the opportunity to express or declare this love, according to the medical website “Interklink”.

Emotional mania syndrome affects women more than men, and women generally follow their emotions, so they cannot control themselves or their emotions.

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The symptoms of this disease are as follows:

. Constant contact with him through frantic letters and calls.

. Extreme jealousy.

. The illusion that this person is trying to communicate with him, in fact he did not do anything extraordinary.

. I do not want to do anything other than take care of this lover.

The French psychiatrist Cayton de Clarmbio said that there were many patients who fell in love with King George V, and that a sick man stood outside the palace for a long time, talking to him and communicating with him. By the movement of the curtains.

To avoid further complications, the doctor should begin treatment after the diagnosis is made, and treatment is carried out by taking medications undergoing psychotherapy sessions.

3. Philophobia
On the contrary, we find that there are those who are afraid of love to the extent of the disease, and there are those who completely refuse to enter into any emotional relationship, causing them other psychological problems such as loneliness, and this fear is called “phlophobia”. . “

According to the health website Helitopia, Philophobia (fear of falling in love) is the fear of falling in love or any emotional connection that causes victims to look away and escape from any emotional obligation.

The symptoms of the disease vary from person to person, but the common symptoms can be summarized as follows:

. Too much worry about falling in love or relationship.

. Suppress as much as possible the feelings and emotions that are within the human being.

. Avoid places where lovers and couples can be, such as parks, theaters, beaches and weddings.

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. Removing the idea of ​​marriage from the patient’s dictionary.

. Want to be isolated from the outside world because of the fear of falling in love.

The disease is accompanied by physical symptoms, which include: rapid heartbeat, breathing problems, sweating, nausea and it can lead to fainting when faced with an emotional or romantic situation.


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Why does the Atlantic Ocean expand while the Pacific Ocean shrinks? | Science



Why does the Atlantic Ocean expand while the Pacific Ocean shrinks?  |  Science

The Atlantic Ocean is expanding by about two inches each year, pushing Europe and Africa away from the Americas, while the Pacific Ocean is shrinking by a fifth of a square mile per year.

Although the size of the Earth’s oceans does not change significantly in the short term, any changes have a significant effect over millions of years due to the geological processes that occur. But it is the set of interactions that continue to shape our world.

The change in the size of the oceans is an important factor, the tectonic plates that make up the earth’s crust, because the earth’s surface is divided into many tectonic plates that are constantly moving, although we are not usually aware of them.

Tectonic plates can move toward each other, away from each other, or next to each other. As the plates move away from each other, they create what is called a ridge or oceanic rift, and as they move towards each other, this can lead to the formation of a subduction zone beneath one plate beneath the other.

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world (Getty).

Why is the Atlantic Ocean expanding?

As for the Atlantic Ocean, it is a vast body of water on our planet that covers more than 20% of the Earth’s surface. Although it is the second largest ocean in the world and has an area of ​​106.5 million square kilometers, it is still expanding at a rate of 4 centimeters every year.

That’s because parts of the Atlantic Ocean are moving away from each other, and the key to this expansion lies in what’s happening beneath a large underwater mountain range in the middle, according to a study published in 2021 in the journal Nature. of the ocean known as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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University of Southampton researchers have shown that material deep in the Earth rises to the surface under the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, forming a new oceanic crust, as magma rises from the Earth’s crust and solidifies at the surface, pushing the plates.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the largest tectonic range on the planet, as it stretches 16.93 kilometers from the Arctic Ocean to the southern tip of Africa, separating two tectonic plates: the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate, and separating the African Plate to South American Plate.

According to Live Science, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is where the South American and North American plates are moving away from the Eurasian and African plates at a rate of about 4 centimeters per year, widening the Atlantic Ocean.

According to information published on the University of Southampton website, the research team found that magma and rocks can travel up to 410 miles below the crust to the surface. It is this flow of material that propels tectonic plates and continents upward at a rate of 4 centimeters per year.

The study found that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is a hotspot for convection, which makes the region thinner and magma material rises to the ocean floor more easily than the rest of Earth.

Material trying to move from the lower to upper mantle is usually blocked by a dense group of rocks called the mantle transition zone, located between 255 miles and 410 miles below our feet. Research suggests that the upwelling of material from deep in the mantle may be driving this expansion in the Atlantic Ocean.

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The process began 200 million years ago, but one day the rate of expansion may accelerate, Catherine Reichert, a geophysicist at the University of Southampton and co-author of the study, tells Insider.

The Pacific Ocean is shrinking by a fifth of a square mile annually (Reuters)

Why is the Pacific Ocean shrinking?

As for the Pacific Ocean, although it is the world’s largest ocean covering about 30% of the Earth’s surface, it is shrinking by about a fifth of a square mile every year, some scientists believe. After millions of years, it will disappear completely.

As reported on the “Science ABC” website, this contraction is caused by Earth’s largest tectonic plate, the Pacific plate, being pushed beneath other plates in a process called subduction. The Pacific plate is subducting as it moves deeper into the Earth’s crust, causing the ocean above it to shrink.

In addition, the Pacific Ocean experiences complex interactions between different convergent and divergent tectonic plate boundaries and eventually shrinks in size. While parts of the Pacific Plate are moving toward other plates, such as the North American Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate, there are also areas where plates are moving away from other plates, such as the eastern boundary of the Pacific Plate with the Nazca Plate.

In addition to having many volcanoes in the world, it is believed that most earthquakes occur in the Pacific Ocean. All these cause high vibrations, causing the plates to move and destroy old parts of the Earth’s crust. The sea floor cannot grow fast enough to replace degraded areas.

Ultimately, the size of Earth’s oceans is determined by long-term geologic processes related to plate tectonics, and any changes in ocean sizes occur on geologic timescales, not human lifetimes. These geological processes have been shaping the world as we know it for millions of years.

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300 million years ago, our planet did not consist of 7 continents, but instead consisted of one ocean and one continent, which scientists called “Pangaea”. Over time, the continent slowly collapsed, according to Bright Side.

At one point, South America, Antarctica, Australia, and Africa were one unit, and North America and Eurasia were another. Over time, these continents also separated, each moving in its own direction.

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How to use mental health feature on Apple devices?



How to use mental health feature on Apple devices?

The iOS 17 software update gives Apple the option to record momentary emotions or daily moods in the mental tracking feature.

Users can share the results of the assessment by activating the feature with a doctor or trusted specialist for follow-up.

AndApple mentions The Apple Health app in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 and the Mindfulness app in watchOS 10 offer users an engaging and seamless way to delve deeper into their psychological state.

All information entered in both registration and assessment tools is encrypted on the device and can only be accessed using a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.

When you sync health data to the cloud (iCloud) using default two-factor authentication and a passcode, your health data is end-to-end encrypted. In other words, no one, including Apple, can read it.

Where can I find this feature on the device?

The Mindfulness feature is found in the Apple Health section on iPhone and iPad and through the Mindness app on Apple Watch.

On an iPhone or iPad, you can find this feature under the list of health categories by opening Apple Health and tapping Browse.

Click on this option and then select Mood.

On the next screen, click the Get Started button if you’re using this feature for the first time, or click the Register button or calendar icon in the top right corner if you’ve done it before.

You can program a daily reminder to log your mood or emotions by tapping Options and from there, choose to be reminded to create a new entry during your day, at the end of your day, and/or at a specific time. day

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This menu also includes an option to manage Apple Watch recording notifications.

To find the recording feature on your Apple Watch, tap the Mindbeing app, and if you have watchOS 10, you’ll find a recording option in that menu.

Difference between Mood and Emotion

Before you register anything, Apple Health makes an important distinction between emotion and mindset.

In an explanatory article on the difference between emotion and mood in the mental health aspect, Apple Health points out that emotion is a temporary reaction to a particular experience, while mood lasts for a long time and may or may not be caused by many factors. An obvious reason.

When you select the register button or mental status icon, you can start the registration process.

When asked to “score,” select an emotion or mood, based on the day’s events or trends you’d like to analyze.

You can also choose to record emotions and moods separately.

For example, someone who has recently become a parent may want to record both feelings and mood to track feelings that arise in response to stressful or happy parenting experiences, as well as to better understand their overall mood over time and their overall mood as they adapt to their new situation. .

Recording feelings is useful for someone who wants to identify experiences that improve or worsen their health, such as time spent on social media, hobbies, or physical activity.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be asked to rate the nature of your mood or emotions on a scale from “very unpleasant” to “very pleasant.”

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Click “Next” to choose from more than thirty adjectives that best describe your feelings, including “peaceful,” “angry,” “indifferent,” “jealous,” “happy” and “proud.”

Finally, you will be asked to note what “affects” you the most.

Pre-written factors you can choose from include health, spirituality, family, tasks, weather, money, and current events.

It is mentioned that you can go back in time and record past feelings or moods via the calendar icon.

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