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What was the “PPD” disease that struck Yasmin al-Qadib and prompted her to attempt suicide?


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Today, Saturday, Egyptian media and artist Yasmin al-Ghadib announced that she has separated from her husband, businessman Ramadan Hosni, after 10 months of marriage.

Al-Qaeda posted a note on its Facebook page: “Yesterday … on the advice of my psychiatrist, I tried to commit suicide by overdosing on the Xanax and triptizol pills I usually take. Unfortunately, the attempt did not work. It worked, so I was forced to return to this disgusting, horrible life. , Her family unfair .. I was not affected by emotional trauma, or anything like that.

She continued, “But I’ve had BPD all my life …” I would boldly admit that I suffer from borderline personality disorder. No one could understand my condition or support me .. I am very sensitive, moody, don’t believe me. There is a great fear that anyone will be abandoned. All those who realized my condition took advantage of my weakness mercilessly .. I no longer have the strength to resist .. I want salvation.

Al-Masri says that a romantic relationship can cause a person mental or psychological illness, or love is a problem, so he cannot enter into any relationship because of fear, which can lead to psychological exhaustion. Al-Yum.

Next, Yasmin al-Qadib reveals that she suffers from 3 most important psychological disorders related to love, including borderline personality disorder.

1. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
According to the Mayo Clinic website, the disease has many other complex symptoms besides abnormal behavior in love.

Fear of abandonment, which can lead to violent actions to avoid real or imaginary division or rejection.

The unstable pattern of emotional relationships such as actively glorifying someone and believing the next moment that they are neglected or cruel.

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Rapid changes in a person’s self-image and identity, changes in values ​​and goals and the feeling that you are a bad person or that your existence has no value.

Borderline personality disorder usually begins with the onset of old age. This condition can worsen in adolescence and gradually improve with age.

Many people with this disorder can progress through treatment over time and learn to live a fulfilling life.

2. Worship (de Clarembo)
The exchange of feelings of love and emotion for a person is a natural state, but this love has a pathological form, if it is not present except in the mind of a party, it is a condition manifested by emotional mania syndrome. , Also known as “De Climambo” Syndrome or Syndrome “Intromnia”.

Also the symptoms of “anthropomnia” are that the patient feels a frantic and sick love for another person and thinks that he loves her.

Strong evidence suggests the opposite, but unless the patient follows it and develops it within himself, he will not miss an opportunity to prove himself right, that is, every action given by a person who believes he loves himself implies an implicit message towards him, and sometimes what he does with interest. Is exaggerated on the other, so he believes he is being chased by one person and informs others, and he avoids himself and him. Pursuit, and he is pitied because he is being persecuted by his love, and has not seen the opportunity to express or declare this love, according to the medical website “Interklink”.

Emotional mania syndrome affects women more than men, and women generally follow their emotions, so they cannot control themselves or their emotions.

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The symptoms of this disease are as follows:

. Constant contact with him through frantic letters and calls.

. Extreme jealousy.

. The illusion that this person is trying to communicate with him, in fact he did not do anything extraordinary.

. I do not want to do anything other than take care of this lover.

The French psychiatrist Cayton de Clarmbio said that there were many patients who fell in love with King George V, and that a sick man stood outside the palace for a long time, talking to him and communicating with him. By the movement of the curtains.

To avoid further complications, the doctor should begin treatment after the diagnosis is made, and treatment is carried out by taking medications undergoing psychotherapy sessions.

3. Philophobia
On the contrary, we find that there are those who are afraid of love to the extent of the disease, and there are those who completely refuse to enter into any emotional relationship, causing them other psychological problems such as loneliness, and this fear is called “phlophobia”. . “

According to the health website Helitopia, Philophobia (fear of falling in love) is the fear of falling in love or any emotional connection that causes victims to look away and escape from any emotional obligation.

The symptoms of the disease vary from person to person, but the common symptoms can be summarized as follows:

. Too much worry about falling in love or relationship.

. Suppress as much as possible the feelings and emotions that are within the human being.

. Avoid places where lovers and couples can be, such as parks, theaters, beaches and weddings.

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. Removing the idea of ​​marriage from the patient’s dictionary.

. Want to be isolated from the outside world because of the fear of falling in love.

The disease is accompanied by physical symptoms, which include: rapid heartbeat, breathing problems, sweating, nausea and it can lead to fainting when faced with an emotional or romantic situation.


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