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What would you eat if you were hungry at night? Here are 5 healthy options


If a person wants to maintain good health, he should give up the idea of ​​eating before bed, but this idea seems to be the best because a person can starve before going to bed, so what to do?

According to the American “Huffington Post” website, the food you choose before bed can affect your weight over time, as well as your ability to achieve your dream right and quickly.

Nutritionists have cited several types that are allowed to be eaten before bed, as follows:

WalnutNoise in your stomach at night tells your body that you need more calories and nutrients, so you should eat so that there is no harm to your health afterwards.

Because it contains calcium, magnesium, protein and healthy fats, walnuts have excellent nutritional value and can help prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

BananaIn addition to being delicious, bananas also help you fall asleep faster. They contain natural muscle relaxant potassium and low levels of tryptophan, which not only improves your mood but also helps you sleep better.

One should take into account that each banana contains 15 grams of sugar, which means a lot of sugar prevents the sleep process.

Chocolate covered nuts: To be honest with ourselves, we all want something sweet before bed, and the solution in nuts covered with chocolate before bed is possible because it helps to satisfy the appetite.

It is advisable to eat the right amount of dark chocolate, so there is not much room for it.

Greek yogurt with almonds and berriesIf you want to try more, you can mix many foods like yogurt with fruits like berries.

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This recipe is great because it balances protein, carbohydrates and fats, carbohydrates are found in berries and yogurt, protein is in yogurt, and almonds are high in fat.

It helps maintain blood sugar balance and prevents your body from waking up at night due to the need for glucose.

Rice cake and peanut butterThis is another great bedtime snack because peanut butter contains protein and fat and rice cake has carbohydrates, which means balancing it like the previous item.

Dried mushroomsYou may not find these things at home, but there are mushroom varieties, especially shiitake, which are one of the best sources of plant-based vitamin D and can help you relax at night.

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