February 6, 2023

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WhatsApp to encrypt backups of conversations

WhatsApp to encrypt backups of conversations

This feature is gradually becoming available to those who have the latest version of WhatsApp (Nasir Kachru / Getty)

Will allow WhatsApp application Users encrypt their backup conversations, which cannot be read without access to a password or 64-digit encryption key.

Announced Facebook Inc.‘, Owner“Watchup”As of Thursday, some users could encrypt messages stored in Google Drive or Apple’s iCloud. The company says it will gradually offer this feature to people with the latest version of WhatsApp.

The move comes amid concerns over the security of news archives. In May, WhatsApp filed a lawsuit against the Indian government over the new ID laws. If this is done, the government can identify the sender and take action against him if any content is found to be illegal. India is the largest market for WhatsApp.


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Facebook explained that users can have their own encryption key, preventing the cloud service provider from handing it over to the authorities. “You can now protect your final first-to-last encrypted backup using a password of your choice or a 64-digit encryption key known only to you. Unable to read backups or access key, it must be uninstalled by WhatsApp or backup service provider.”

WhatsApp messages sent and received on mobile devices are encrypted from the other end, and the latter feature is designed to ensure that people back up their messages to cloud services in case of loss of the phone.

You can activate the feature by opening the app’s settings and tapping Chats, then Chats Backup and End-to-End Encrypted Backup.

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