Abu Dhabi Health Services has launched a campaign to launch seasonal flu vaccines for members of the Abu Dhabi Emirate community, in line with a campaign launched by the Ministry of Health and Social Security, Abu Dhabi Health Department and Abu Dhabi. The Public Awareness Center, under the slogan “Protect Yourself … Protect Your Community” with the aim of raising health awareness, emphasizes the importance of vaccinating everyone in the community against seasonal flu.
Dr. Noura al-Qaeda, the executive director of one of Seha’s facilities, called on all members of the community, especially those classified as at-risk groups, to get the flu vaccine to reduce the risk of flu symptoms. Avoid serious complications and do not have to be hospitalized.
He said SEHA is collaborating with its partners to create an annual campaign to increase the rate of influenza vaccination for all sections of society in Abu Dhabi and make it available to all Seha staff. Their routine should be routine, alert and the risks of viruses should be prevented. Like seasonal flu.
Seha provides vaccinations to all members of the community at all health centers in Ahudabi, Al Ain and Al Tafra. Those who want to get vaccinated can register an appointment at the Health Center through the SEHA Call Center 80050 or SEHA application and through the SEHA vehicle survey centers.
The vaccine is available free of charge to groups including health department employees and Tika card holders and over 50s, children under 5, students between the ages of 5 and 18, the determined, pregnant women, smokers, and travelers. Umrah pilgrims, those with a body mass index over 40, and those suffering from chronic diseases. Such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, pneumonia, kidney failure and hepatitis.
Regardless of the number of people vaccinated, Seeha Influenza Vaccine is offered on a home visit basis to those who wish to receive a fee of 350 dirhams / three hundred and fifty dirhams per visit.
Vaccines are available for companies in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain at 80050 or through the Seha App. Seha offers seasonal influenza vaccination in all emirates across the country, especially at automotive research centers spread to high-risk groups. Pregnant women who visit the center for Govt-19 testing will get the flu vaccine during the same visit. . The flu vaccine will be given during home survey visits targeting the elderly and the chronically ill, citizens and residents, carried out by the medical staff of the company “Seha”.
Immunization health centers in Abu Dhabi include the following: Al Pattin Center, Al Madinah Occupational Health Center, Al Mushrif Specialist Center for Children, Al Jabrana Diagnostic and Comprehensive Testing Center, Al Makta Center, Khalifa City Center, Mohammed Bin Saeed City Health Center, Al Bahiya The vaccine is available at the center, Al Balah Center, Al Samha Center, Baniyas Center and Al Qadim Center, Al Faga Health Center, Al Hayer Center, Al Hili Center, Al Jahili Center, Kasna Center, Al Ain. Al Muwaiji Center, Al Quwa Center, Al Shuwai Center, Al Yahar Center, Majyat Center, Niyama Center, Rama Center, Sweehan Center, Al Tawiyah Special Center for Children, Out Al Tawaba Diagnosis Center and a comprehensive examination.
Al Dafra Hospitals provide vaccinations to all community members at all of their health centers. The vaccine is given to families at the Al Tafra Family Medical Center and to residents of Madinat Saeed, Liva, Gayati, Al Mirfa, Al Sila and Dalma Hospitals. Bida Al Mutawa’a Clinic, Abu Al Abyad Clinic and Sir Bani Yas Clinic, Interested please contact: 028070000 Call center and request an appointment to get vaccinated.