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WhatsApp will soon let you edit chat history without Google Drive


Soon, WhatsApp will allow its users to switch from one smartphone to another more simply than before for local chat exchanges instead of going online.

If WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms in the world, this is mainly due to its ease of use, end-to-end encrypted messages and the ability to transfer conversations from one device to another. It’s this last feature that Meta will focus on in the next update to make switching from one device to another easier than ever. Note that WhatsApp now allows you to connect multiple smartphones to a single account.

Until now, users were forced to backup their chat history to Google Drive in order to migrate their chats to a new Android device. However, this is about to change, as WhatsApp is testing a local chat transfer option that allows users to transfer their chat history without the need for Google Drive.

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WhatsApp makes your conversation easier

According to WABetaInfo, some users running the latest WhatsApp beta for Android v2.23.9.19 have started seeing the option to move local chat. This tool allows users to transfer their WhatsApp chats from one Android device to another without using Google Drive.

Once selected, users will need to scan the QR code from their new device to begin the migration process. Transfers must be made over a local connection using Wi-Fi Direct, which is much faster than backing up your chat history to Google Drive and restoring it to another device.

Local chat migration can be a useful addition to WhatsApp, especially for users living in areas with poor or poor internet connectivity. This option makes the migration process faster and easier without requiring an internet connection. However, if users transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS or vice-versa, it may only affect working between two Android devices.

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WhatsApp has introduced a local chat exchange tool to some beta testers, but as usual, it could take weeks or even months before the feature rolls out to all users.

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