June 2, 2023

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When disagreement spoils friendship issues

Several years ago, I received an invitation from a theater group, specifically a friend who was the creative director at the time, to follow a play at a major exhibition hall. Ancient theaters used to produce works that are not lost in the memory of many followers of the local theater.

The day after the show, I took the initiative to write a critical reading that included my opinion and questions along with the questions and evidence put to the committee responsible for selecting the programs produced by the management of this theater. Featuring many veteran names, they can certainly stand up to the script and direction. And the most suitable group for your choice of drama work.

All of the above may be normal in media dealings in general, but what happened next was the outrage at the idea, the justification given by the then “Friend” director was a major disaster. When I was contacted with surprise that some people had mixed scenes between propaganda work, critical opinion or media role: I expected your support, you are a friend.

I’ll quote the above as an introduction, albeit long, to recall a saying we all memorize, but it seems worth recalling, and follows a lot of writing and critical commentary on the series. The so-called “Ramadan drama” is shown in the current month, meaning that disagreement does not spoil faith, the media, critics and opinion columnists adhere to, and people seek to exploit it. their daily life.

However, both of them did not succeed in this quest, and following in many situations, met with a lot of doubts on many levels, and different opinion spoiled many issues of friendship and sometimes turned friendship into opposite. .

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On the other hand, we have seen a wide spread of praise at the expense of objective criticism that relies on clear data, and this is the most dangerous part of the corruption of friendship among dissenters. Content becomes false and unreliable propaganda trumpet.

This last type of content loses many original rights and constants, whether related to the series of the holy month or otherwise, the first of which is the reader’s rights and trust in what is given to him. , and not the last are the constants of the professional conscience generally associated with the content field, which if shaken is difficult to restore its balance and equilibrium. , or if missed.