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When will the epidemic end? Scientists expect scenes of corona eradication


Scientists and researchers confirm the severityOmigronNot much compared to previous mutants of the virus CoronaI insist that I take Corona vaccines Or those who recover from the disease will be protected from other forms of the corona virus and subsequent mutations.

Dr. Albert Coe, an epidemiologist at the Yale School of Public Health, commented on the future possibilities for corona, saying, “Covit 19 will be with us forever.”

And the “Associated Press” quoted Go: “We can never eliminate the corona, but we must set our own goals when confronted with it.”

The medical expert added: “It will be announced at some point World Health Organization The epidemic will end when the number of corona infections decreases in a sufficient number of countries, or at least the mortality rates and the number of hospitalizations decrease. No one knows what point or limit will determine it. “

“Even if that happens, some parts of the world are still struggling, especially in low-income countries where there are not enough vaccines or treatments, while others are easily turning to what scientists call local,” the epidemiologist continued.

On the other hand, one expert said Infectious diseases At Harvard University, Stephen Kessler said: “We will reach a point where Govt 19 can spread like influenza, and then the community will have to live with it according to certain social conditions and rules.”

In turn, Dr. Amish Atalja, a researcher at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, explained: “We will not return to a point like the one that started with the epidemic, and scientists need to make people think about taking risks.”

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According to Dr. William Moss of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health, he believes that “the corona will stop mutating at some point, and the virus will become very weak and its life cycle is nearing its end”.

After the outbreak, Moss pointed out, “the virus continues to cause the common cold, and its severity varies depending on the health of the victim, the vaccines they received, and the infections they contracted.”

Ali al-Obaidi, an immunologist at the University of Washington, has relied on the body’s memory. Viruses In the eradication of the corona, thanks to its creation the defense With antibodies It becomes very different and stronger over time, even as the virus changes and mutates.

Al-Obaidi explained: “We have changed a lot since the onset of the epidemic. A person suffering from corona will stay at home for two to three days to recover. The human immune system has improved a lot and we will see a decrease in mortality and an increase in recovery rates.”

The latest Reuters figures released on Monday show that more than 287.65 million people worldwide are infected with the corona virus, while the total number of deaths caused by the virus has reached 5 million 786,169, and HIV infections have been reported. 210 countries and territories since the first cases were discovered in China in December 2019.

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