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Who is Mino Riola who is obsessed with death rumors?

Who is Mino Riola who is obsessed with death rumors?

Mino Riola, a 54-year-old Italian, denied rumors of his death and tweeted, “The health and anger of those who listen to the current state of health, they killed me for the second time in four months, and it seems they can revive me.”
Riola was born in Italy in 1967, grew up in the Netherlands and worked as a waitress in a restaurant for his parents, then failed to train football at the Harlem Club, so he stopped playing at the age of eighteen. After being inspired by the club for his managerial prowess, he went on to accept the position of sports director.
Shortly thereafter, Riola, who spoke seven languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Dutch, went into sports advertising as a sports agent, helping to convert players, especially from Dennis Berkcomb, Ajax Amsterdam. Inter Milan in 1993.
Rayola left the company and set up his own company, which specializes in managing the interests of footballers, and his first contract was heavy as he oversaw the transfer of Czech footballer Pavel Netwet from Sparta Brock to Lazio Roma.
Riola today is represented by many stars, especially Sweden’s Sladen Ibrahimovic, Frenchman Paul Pogba, Norwegian Erling Holland, Italian Gianluigi Donarumma, Dutchman Matthias de Ligt and Italian Marco Verretti.
The most important deals were what Riola called “the biggest deal ever in my life” when he converted Sloton’s loan to Milan with the intention of buying Barcelona for மில்லியன் 24 million in installments instead of the sixty million he had demanded. Transferred Brazilian Robinho from Manchester City to Milan for 18 million euros.
In 2016, Riola received 25 25 million for the transfer of Frenchman Paul Pogba from Juventus to Manchester United, worth a total of மில்லியன் 105 million, according to Forbes magazine, with assets worth around $ 85 million. 2020

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