April 2, 2023

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Why did artist Amr Diab’s concert in Aqaba anger the Jordanians?

The failure of Egyptian artist Amr Diab to perform preventive measures against the corona virus at a concert at Ayla Oasis in the governorate of Aqaba angered many Jordanians.

Activists circulated videos on social media showing a large number of participants in the concert of an Egyptian artist held in Aqaba last evening.

Amr Diab’s concert was held in a closed arena with 4,000 seats.

Meanwhile, the Jordanian Interior Ministry released pictures of vaccine and public safety research practices at the Ayla Oasis in the Aqaba Governorate by officials involved for the concert of Egyptian artist Amr Diab.

Weeks ago, the deputy chairman of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Commission, Tourism Commissioner Sharhabeel Madi, confirmed that all closed events, including the Amr Diabin concert, were subject to strict health regulations.

The website dedicated to selling Amr Diab concert tickets announced that all tickets to the concert had sold out within a quarter of an hour from the opening of the registration door to attend the concert.

The ceremony caused widespread controversy on social media because, after the interruption caused by the corona epidemic, there was a split between a supporter who extinguished the flames of nostalgia for the parties and the views of the Jordanians. Conducting the ceremony in accordance with the “principles” of economic, epidemiological and health conditions as reasons for blocking the ceremony.

Citizens expressed their anger and completely rejected the parties that missed the use of the health protocol provided by the Ministry of Health, whether it was at the Gerash ceremony or at a concert by Damer Hosni or Amr Diab, which saw a significant turnout of Arab artists.

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For his part, Dr. Ahmed al-Sarahne, chairman and representative of the Parliamentary Health Committee in Jordan, called on the government to stop issuing security orders after a serious failure to control festivals and mass parties. Ask citizens to comply with security orders and allow the government to violate them without consequences.

Al-Sarahna told “Jordan 24” that the group hoped that the government would allow them to hold meetings and parties, but this did not happen, so it was necessary to open all departments and return to normalcy without conditions. Life.