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Why do some people suffer from chronic colds?


A British study has found that people who test negative for Covid-19 may suffer from chronic colds after acute respiratory infections.

The study, published Friday in the EClinicalMedicine journal of The Lancet, concluded that “some of the most common symptoms of chronic colds include cough, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, and last more than 4 weeks after the initial infection.”

The team conducted their study to determine why some people suffer from chronic cold symptoms compared to others. The results indicate that long-term health effects may occur after acute respiratory infections unrelated to “Covid,” such as colds, flu, or pneumonia.

The study compared the prevalence and severity of long-term symptoms after an episode of “Covid-19” and another acute respiratory infection.

People recovering from Covid-19 are more likely to experience dizziness or problems with taste and smell compared to people with respiratory infections other than Covid-19.

Although “prolonged Covid” is now recognized, there are few studies comparing long-term symptoms after viral infection with other respiratory infections.

The study analyzed data from more than 10,000 adults in Britain, using questionnaires and statistical analysis conducted to identify clusters of symptoms.

Common symptoms of a long cold are cough and abdominal pain (general domain).

The results revealed that there may be long-term health effects after acute respiratory infections unrelated to “Covid”, such as colds, flu or pneumonia, which are “not currently recognized in the way that doctors recognize long-term Covid disease.”

However, researchers still lack evidence that symptoms have the same severity or duration as long-term Covid-19.

“Our findings shed light not only on the long-term impact that Covid has on people’s lives, but also on other respiratory infections,” said Giulia Vivaldi, a coronavirus researcher at Queen Mary University of London and lead researcher on the study.

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On the university’s website, he added: “As research into long-term covid disease continues, we should take the opportunity to examine and consider the long-term effects of other acute respiratory infections,” noting that “this long-term is particularly difficult to diagnose, post-respiratory infections, and treat first.” “Because there are no diagnostic tests and because there are so many possible symptoms.”

He continued: “Further research into the long-term effects of (Covid) and other acute respiratory infections is important to get to the root cause of why some people suffer from long-term symptoms compared to others.”

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