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Why do you sometimes feel that you have lived in this situation before?… And there is something strange!


The opposite of the “deja vu” experience, which leaves a person haunted by the past, is another experience called “jamais vu,” which scientific research has found to be very strange.

“Déjà vu”, or the illusion of precognition, is the feeling that the individual has seen or experienced the current situation before.

A paper published on the website states:Conversation“Déjà vu is really a window into the workings of our memory system.

Akira O’Connor, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of St Andrews, and Christopher Mullin, professor of cognitive neuropsychology at Grenoble Alpes University, supervised the research.

Research has found that when the part of the brain that tracks familiarity with reality is cut off, “déjà vu” occurs as a signal to alert you to this strangeness: it’s a kind of “reality check” for the memory system.

Research suggests that the opposite of “déjà vu” is “Jami Vu” in French, which means “not seen before”.

Jami-fu is the feeling you get when something you know seems unreal or new, seeing a familiar face and suddenly feeling unusual or unknown.

According to the research, this is a very strange and confusing experience, and the team said that when people were asked to describe it in questionnaires from everyday life experiences, they would write: “When writing on the test paper, I write (simple and well-known words like ‘lack of appetite’ known) words are correct, but still I see the word again and again because it seems to me that it might be wrong.

In everyday life, repetition can induce feelings of jammy fu. If you ask someone to repeat themselves, they often find that it becomes meaningless and confusing, which can induce a sense of jammy fu.

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Research concludes that “jammy fu” refers to something so automatic, so repetitive, that attention needs to be diverted rather than lost in repetitive tasks for too long.

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