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Will al-Burhan and Hemeti's connections push Sudan into obscurity? | principle


Khartoum- Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, head of the Sovereignty Council and commander of Sudan's army, closed the door on any “reconciliation or agreement” with the Rapid Support Force, describing its leader and rival, Mohamed Hamdan Tagalo, as “Hemeti”. A “traitor, coward and arrogant.”

Observers see the new move disrupting ceasefire talks that have been underway since last April, creating a stalemate for peace and leaving the country facing uncertainty.

Negotiations between the army and the Rapid Support Forces were suspended through MNabar Jeddah: The United States and Saudi Arabia, since the beginning of last December, after the two parties reached an impasse.

During a tour that included several countries in East Africa, al-Burhan tried to revive African efforts after Kenya refused to assume the leadership of the Quartet, which was appointed by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to resolve the Sudan crisis. Kenyan President William Ruto has been accused of favoring quick support.

A summit of IGAD heads of state approved last week's scheduled direct meeting between Al-Burhan and Hemeti, but Djibouti, which chairs the current session of the organization, postponed it before the latter appeared for technical reasons. Missing for about 8 months and the summit was expected to convene the two sides on a new date in the first half of this month.

Live chats

Al-Burhan and Hemeti entered into correspondence, with observers reflecting on the crisis of trust and “personal grudges” between the two, which poisoned the atmosphere and did not help create a favorable environment for any agreement between the two sides soon.

Yesterday, Friday, in front of a gathering of his forces at the Zebeid military base in Red Sea State, Al-Burhan launched violent criticism against “Hemeti” and branded him “a traitor, a coward and an “arrogant”. In the fight magic, charlatans and charlatans and 8 months in hiding, Moving between houses and farms, under pseudonyms in Khartoum.

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Al-Burhan added, “Therefore, there is no reconciliation with them, no agreement with them. Either we finish with them, or we finish with them… We must take our rights and the rights of the people who were killed and buried.” Al-Burhan rejected the “Addis Ababa Declaration”. , which signed with the coalition of Rapid Support Commander forces.Civil Democracy “Progress” led by Abdullah Hamdok.

The military commander expressed his displeasure with “clap and applause” for the support of some politicians to Hemeti, while his troops kill their people, violate their honor and loot their property. He said he did not mind dialogue with those political forces. That it is within Sudan.

Hemeti taunted al-Burhan during a press conference with Hamdok in Addis Ababa last Tuesday, saying the military commander had been hiding underground in the “basement” of his forces' command headquarters in central Khartoum for months and had fled the headquarters in disguise. And came out wearing a “sponge” on his legs,… the applause and laughter of the leaders of the civil democratic forces present at the conference “plate”.

The war in Sudan is having devastating consequences for the people of Sudan, and the country is heading into the unknown. Ketty

Personal vendetta

For his part, Khaled Umar Yusuf, a coordinating member of the “Progress” coalition, believes that al-Burhan's speech in Zebeid came without ambition, did not realize the danger of the present moment, and was committed to revenge. During Hemeti's press conference, instead of looking at the state of the country and its consequences, he for his harsh comments.

Commenting on his Facebook page today Saturday, he said the right moment is to avoid escalation and counter-protests from all parties and prioritize the work of alleviating the suffering of the Sudanese people. There is no other option than a peaceful, negotiated solution to this disaster.

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Omar Youssef adds, “However, we say that there is still a good chance for peace, and the danger of war-mongering talk based on lies rather than facts has become clear, talks that promise quick victory to the people and decisions that are now the opposite,” warning “to turn Sudan into a regional battleground.” It cannot, cannot be achieved.” A camel for our people, but no camel.


Regarding his opinion on al-Burhan's new position, political analyst and editor-in-chief of al-Tayer newspaper Othman Mirgani said the army chief “temporarily” closed the door to talks with quick support and returned to the scene. Last year was in a similar situation.

In an interview with Al Jazeera Net, Othman believes that the efforts of the African organization “IGAD” can return to where they stopped, but it will take more efforts and time if the leaders of the countries of the organization continue to want “their” option. Mediation seems to be linked to their agenda.”

The political analyst believes that al-Burhan's rejection of Hemeti's agreement with Hamdok was not in principle.

He said that the train of negotiations between the army and the Rapid Support will be stopped for a while, until the burden of anger is removed from it, but it will continue, and after a while, the final stage will be the signing of the peace. An agreement under international and regional auspices would end the war and usher in a new political process.

On the other hand, Indian political analyst Ezz El-Din believes that Al-Burhan prefers dialogue and negotiations with quick support, but with an external plan to re-market Hemeti, washing him as a war criminal and leader of the rebellion. And to present him as a man of peace, he does not expect any negotiated success through IGAD or the Jeddah platform.

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In an interview with Al Jazeera Net, the analyst believes that forming Sudanese people into resistance brigades to support the army in states not affected by rapid support will weaken Al-Burhan after promising to arm them. Expanding Hemet's forces and besieging them.

The same analyst explains that al-Burhan no longer had any choice in light of the foreign project to breed “Hemeti” but to rely on popular resistance to fill the shortage of military infantry.

Al-Hindi adds that Hemeti has lost everything in the conscience of the Sudanese people because of the crimes and atrocities committed by his forces over a period of 9 months, and that the parties supporting him will not succeed in trying to remarket and recycle him domestically. Until he returned to a senior position in the state, it became difficult, if not impossible.

The same spokesman considered the Hamdok-led “Taqatum” alliance as part of a foreign plan to present a rapid support commander in a new guise.

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