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Windows 11 gets a popular feature from Windows 7. Get to know it


A few months ago, Microsoft introduced the Windows 11 operating system with a new dashboard that includes a variety of cards and messages, weather and more information. Currently, the operating system does not support third-party tools or allow users to install. Widgets on the desktop.

But now, according to the latest report from Windows, the company plans to make some big changes in the features of its widgets with the upcoming updates.

According to the report, Microsoft plans to add support for third-party devices in version 22H2 of Windows 11, and support for third-party devices was first introduced in 2007 with the introduction of Windows Vista, and later added support. Windows 7.

The Windows Latest report also states that support for third-party tools will allow users to customize the widget panel of their choice. There are still a few weeks or months.

Last month, Microsoft added new features and improvements to the Start menu and taskbar, and in the latest version, users can right-click on startup to quickly access startup settings and select the “More Pins” or “More Suggestions” layout option. An additional sequence of pins or suggestions, respectively.

If the secondary monitor is connected, the clock and date will now be displayed on the secondary monitor or monitors taskbar. Previously, the company said that only the clock and date were visible on the main monitor. Keep an eye on the comments and see how they come before you post them to everyone.

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