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With a song performance on the stage of “Al-Madak Alley”


With a song performance on the stage of “Al-Madak Alley”

Egyptian show featuring Mohsin Mohaildin, Tonia Abdel Aziz and Nihal Anbar

Saturday – 12 Muharram 1443 Hijri – 21 August 2021 AD Issue no. [

During the press conference of Mohsen Mohi El-Din (Egyptian Ministry of Culture) -Drama “Al-Madak Alley” (Egyptian Ministry of Culture)

Cairo: Indisar Tartir

The Mohammed Abdel Wahab Theater in Alexandria receives the State Theater’s Song and Performing Arts Award for “Al-Madak Alley”, a modern-day lyricist who preserves the sense of originality written by the best novelist.
Since its release, the novel has attracted the attention of filmmakers, and has been presented many times, both cinematically and theatrically, and everyone who has handled it has retained its original title, with a series of works of art entitled “Al-Madak Alley”. , The film starring in the sixties of the last century is the most convincing of which, artist Shadia. It was also signed by Director Hassan Al-Imam.
Written by author Mohammed al-Sawaf and directed by Adel Abdo, head of the Drama Arts Department, the new play features a number of actors, including Tonia Abdel Aziz, Mohsen Mohiltin, Nihal Anbar and Amal. Risk, Baha’u’llah, Kareem Al-Husseini and many more artists. Stage.
The work of presenting the show began four years ago, according to director Adele Abdo, during a press conference he held with the heroes of the show the day before yesterday, noting that “Al-Madak Alley” is not an easy novel, so we preserved the spirit of the text and its time. In the structure of a musical show, and all the actors perform songs and performances on stage, it requires training in production and critique and movement for its heroes through a modern theatrical cinema. Show with a view of modernity at the level of image and rhythm, as shown in one of the most important theaters in Alexandria (Mohammed Abdel Wahab Theater)
A similar comparison was made between the play and the film during the press conference, and artist Tonia Abdel Aziz, who previously featured the character of “Hamida” wonderfully simulated by the late artist Shadia, confirmed the presentation of the play. A different approach to the novel and not to the film that affected the audience.
He pointed out that any comparison between film and drama is unreasonable. The film is one, and the presentation written by Muhammad al-Sawaf is another weird and interesting thing, and I am very happy to sing and critique it.
Artist Mohsen Mohi El-Din’s character “Faraj”, previously presented by artist Youssef Shaban in the famous film, and Mohi El-Din noted, “Director Adel Abdo was reluctant to give him this role. He particularly believed he was an extraordinary character. Since, ”he said: The last time I returned to art, I was given (good) roles, but because the character (Faraj) I was determined to work this time (like Tic Tac Toe). Each time has its own vocabulary, and to interact with the artist community , Praising the writer’s vision, Mohammad al-Sawaf, dramatic reviews of all the acting scenes, the teamwork and the director’s courage, Adele Abdo, the barriers to choosing this character and putting the actor in the same frame, the mother of artist Nihal Anbar Hamida, and Amal Risk as “Chow Cho” .
This is the first time he has addressed the works of Muhammad al-Sawaf Naqoob Mahfouz, although he has given many theatrical performances, including “Capsule, Happy Journey, Moment of Love, Lover and Praise.”
Al-Sawaf Asharq told Al-Awsat: “(Al-Madak Alley) has been something that has fascinated me for a long time, and I saw that it could be presented in a song musical setting, in a different treatment. No doubt it is because the film is well established in the minds of the audience that he may not have read the novel, but he knows it through the film. A new vision of managing the work they play their roles. “
He adds: “Director Adele Abdo has succeeded in delivering it through show, song and cinematography.”
Commenting on the novelist’s warnings in dealing with the text, al-Sawaf says, “Nakub Mahfouz declared responsibility for the novel he wrote, not for the technical treatments he provided, because artistic views differ from one writer to another, and I present it differently, even if the text is presented hundreds of times.”
The events of Nakub Mahfouz’s novel “Al-Madak Alley” take place inside an alley in the Al-Hussein area near the Al-Azhar Mosque, and the Egyptians watch the impact of World War II. Represented by Kamal Yassin and played by Mohammad Reda, it was presented in 1985 at a show starring Salah al-Sadani, His Excellency Saeed, Abdel Monim Madbooli and Mahmoud Shukoko.




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