June 3, 2023

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Colors of the homeland | A high school student postponed her chemistry exam and got 16 marks: “Where are you?”

Before the high school chemistry exam, after making mistakes in several questions in Arabic and French, she was reluctant to ask herself if she could postpone it to next year. She would enter the exam and bet on her luck, and after making the postponement decision, the subject was corrected, and I was surprised to get a score of 16 out of 60.

During the performance of Sarah Isa, from Al-Nawara School High School The participant in the Asiatic Governorate did not solve the questions in the “Babylon Sheet” paper, so he sat in his seat and solved the questions in the “Backlight” question paper, which was not fixed because there was a reluctance and the intention to postpone some lessons for the next year, and half an hour before the end of time, in the committee She abruptly got up from her seat to grab the attention of everyone present. The audience asked her, “Malik,” she replied, “I am postponing the selection. “

I postponed the chemistry with the official record .. got 16 more

Sarah erased all the answers she had written in pencil on the question paper, but the observer of the committee had to answer some questions on the “bubble sheet” that should be fixed, not left blank, so she decided to settle 6 questions and adjourn, she told Al-Wadan, “because of the difficulty of the exam. Because I was so tired they gave me a medical report based on how fully I entered the second round.

After the results appeared, “Sarah” failed in Arabic and French, in which she was expected to fail, but surprisingly, she also failed in chemistry and scored 16 points, however she postponed it and wrote a statement: “I was 16 degrees in chemistry, how confused was I?” Of the 6 questions they solved, it was written that the exam was canceled and the exam was canceled.

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Despite the postponement, the amount of chemistry is “not important.”

Her failure in chemistry did not affect the decision of the high school student because she failed in 3 subjects and will repeat the school year again in these two subjects, but her anger and anxiety increase, the rest of her other grade subjects, she says: “I did well in other subjects, they are fine. ” Some degrees and a total of 210, positive 51%, and 16 degrees in chemistry, let me do an injustice when my heart is calm. “