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With steps .. How to download PES 2022 pes mobile game on mobile, ie efootball for Android and iPhone


Many game lovers are wondering when the pes 2022 game will be released after the new update for iPhone devices running on the Android system or iOS operating system and for all types of mobiles by the famous game maker. Announced the immediate release of the new version, which is expected to be stronger than the previous versions, and after the name of the game was changed, updating the teams with the latest transfers taking place in all the clubs of the world and its official name became efootball 22 as this game is very popular in Arab countries all over the world.

pes Mobile 2022 Game Version

PES is one of the oldest football games created and developed by Konami, which has succeeded in transforming it into one of the most popular sports and is played by both big and small players. The graphics of the game, which was really very similar, the development of its speed or control over it.

Despite being a FIFA game, it is still the first competitor, but PES still has many users around the world, and with the release of the latest versions approaching, everyone was in anticipation of what that version would show us.

How to download efootball on mobile

EFootball game is one of the funniest games and you can download it through the official website of the company to get it without any problem and enjoy all the updates that the company is constantly doing and we will show you the steps you can do. Download the game, as follows:

  • Access the Google Play Store for Android users or the Apple Store for iPhone users.
  • Search for the game named “efootball 2022” and it will appear to you immediately.
  • After that, you click on “Download”.
  • The download will start on your mobile.
  • Once the download is complete you can sign up for the game and select the team and start playing.
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The game features all the popular international teams in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French or any other league that is loved by all football fans, and is also updated with the latest transfers made by clubs.

Possibilities to run the PES 2022 game for mobile

Many people prefer to use the game with mobile phone because of the fact that it is easy to play, it can only be accessed from anywhere, the phone must be available and connected to the internet, and we show you the skills required on mobile to play without problems, which are:

  • Make sure the Android version is no less than Android 7.
  • IPhone version must be at least iOS 10.
  • Mobile should have at least 2GB of space.
  • RAM should be 2GB or more.
  • Processor quad core must be 1.5 GB or more.

The company that owns the game announced its worldwide release on April 14th, and since its official release was announced, search engines have seen many questions about how to download it on mobile. Take advantage of all the updates the company has made on that new version.

The game works on many devices, such as PCs or PlayStation, PS4 or PS5, or different and different operating systems or Xbox One mobile phones, and can be played by one or more people. Electronically via the Internet with others from around the world.

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