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With the contribution of Moroccan scientists .. Establishment of the world’s largest marine telescope


Morocco It is the only Arab and African country to co-operate with many countries in this project European They include Spain, France, Greece and Italy.

. Will be created Telescope In the Mediterranean, the project aims to observe the universe, study energy phenomena in Earth’s space, and monitor the distribution of optical units in the universe.

Telescope with an area of ​​cubic kilometers

Abdelilah Moussa, a research professor in the Faculty of Science at Oujda Mohammed I University, said the ambitious project is a multidisciplinary research framework that refers to the installation of multiple telescopes in an area estimated at one cubic kilometer. Six thousand optical units, each with high-sensitivity light sensors, and state-of-the-art equipment to determine the location and time at which optical units are captured.

The expert also told Sky News Arabia that the device “senses very dim light when emitted from the atmosphere and cosmic particles, and opens a new window into the universe. This will allow them to monitor the evidence and answer questions that remain to this day.

Dr. Moussa said what is currently hampering scientists is their understanding of the dark matter or radiation of the universe, i.e. appearing in vacuum form in space.

The project, which is being built in the depths of the Mediterranean, first came to light on the agenda of the European Strategic Research Infrastructure Forum in 2006, which helped complete the first phase of the project, directing engineering courses, assembling and prototyping, and officially became one of the flagship projects in Europe in 2009.

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Abdelillah Moussa confirmed to Sky News Arabia that the real contribution of Moroccan experts, including doctors, students and researchers, began in 2011.

Seasonal meetings and regular work

Scientists meet from time to time in one of the participating countries to keep track of the steps taken in this grand project and to study its shortcomings and problems. Every three months, experts sit around the discussion desk to make sure the program is free. Read the flaws and the next steps.

In this regard, Moussa, who oversees many student researchers in the telescope project, pointed out that Morocco is actively contributing to this unique scientific alliance, and that only Arab and African countries are on the list of countries participating in this science building.

The spokesman said the telescope was still under construction and had been delivered so far with some units ready by the end of 2025, which led to some delays in the delivery of the equipment, which was slightly affected. Project in the last two years.

Experience exchange

If the main goal of this great telescope is to understand the universe and the reasons for its appearance, Moroccan experts would like to make their mark on its creation.

In this context, Abdella Moussa said Morocco’s contribution to a science project of this magnitude would help to benefit from European countries’ experiences in the field of scientific research in space and the universe.

According to Moussa’s talks with “Sky News Arabia”, Morocco’s participation in the project was diverse and varied because Moroccan experts were involved in the production of the telescope, creating a national unit specializing in manufacturing at the Faculty of Science in Rabat. Digital optical units for telescopes and a national unit established at the Faculty of Science in Oujda. Must specialize in the manufacture of electro-optical guides for telescopes.

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Students, researchers in the fields of physics and other sciences will inevitably benefit from this experience, which will be a major leap forward in the level of research conducted in this field in the future, the speaker added.

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