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Future energy will not be cheap


Energy and Infrastructure Minister Suhail al-Masroui said that in the light of the fact that future energy will not be cheap and that it will cost more to switch to clean energy and reduce dependence on conventional fuels, there should be transparency in telling consumers about it. The United Arab Emirates has set a target within its strategic plan.

A key character

Al Mazrouei added during a panel discussion yesterday at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC 2021) that hydrogen will play a key role in future energy, in light of global industry change. “Even though the market is still small, we are all discussing how to expand hydrogen projects,” he said.


There are many challenges in using hydrogen as an energy source, including the high technology used, which is five times more expensive than conventional fuel, in addition to the cost of transportation, transportation and storage, Al Masrooy explained. On the ground.

He stressed that the road is still long and that it is necessary to create incentive schemes and provide technology at affordable prices and that the United Arab Emirates has signed several agreements with many countries to create a road map to expand the use of technology. Energy production from hydrogen.


Al Mazrouei added, “It is unreasonable to demand the use of more expensive energy sources from some countries that do not have the minimum energy security. Everyone must unite to change expertise and provide investment.

He also noted that the United Arab Emirates has experience in reducing the cost of solar energy production and has been successful in reducing it by up to 70%. . “

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“Many countries need investments and funding for energy projects,” he pointed out.

Honeywell: The epidemic has accelerated the transition to technology

Hisham Tashkandi, Managing Vice President and General Manager, Honeywell, Performance Products and Technologies, Middle East, said the company is currently focusing on providing clean energy, especially technologies that support the transition towards blue hydrogen. And applications of artificial intelligence in stages of energy production.

He said “Corona” has accelerated the transformation of companies by relying on modern and advanced technology and techniques to remotely manage epidemiology, oil operations and renewable energy.

Tashkenti pointed out that managing energy security and reducing costs has become a priority for all countries, with companies currently working to support these major changes in the energy sector, which ultimately aims to find clean sustainable energy. Hydrogen will play a key role in future energy as the global industry turns to it.

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