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Within a week, 19 people had been arrested for lying about corona evidence


Heba Press – Rabat

The National Security Services handled eleven (11) cases in which 19 people were arrested during the period from 18 to 24 September, following a series of security measures to crack down on counterfeit health documents related to the Govt-19 epidemic. The remaining individuals (07) are suspected of promoting trafficking tests to diagnose the infection, including 12 who were arrested for using testosterone for Covit-19 infection, and tampered with the vaccine’s passport.

By the total end of these security measures, which lasted from the declaration of a health emergency until September 24, security services were able to handle 170 cases, resulting in a total of 334 people arrested in fake fraud cases for using these documents or knowing that they were lying, including 317 people. For falsifying Govt-19 screening tests and 17 others to promote smuggled drugs for the detection of Govit-19.

Tests conducted within the framework of all these cases led to the confiscation of 529 fake PCR test certificates, as well as the confiscation of 24 fake vaccine passports and 47,987 units for the rapid detection of the Kovit-19 virus. Border control activities smuggled in from abroad. The rest are drugs seized after tracking down and arresting those advertised illegally through e-commerce sites.

In terms of the geographical distribution of these cases nationally, the defense state is leading the way in handling refugees total (73 cases), followed by the security level Ojda (41 cases), followed by the security level Casablanca (13 cases), and the security level of Marrakesh (12 cases). Then there are security states like Rabat, Fez, Lyon, Tetuwan, Danger, Kenitra, Beni Mellal, Magnus and Al Hossain and Oversize, dealing with each issue … etc.

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All detainees, including Moroccan and foreign nationals, all contributors and participants in the forgery and its use were subjected to judicial research under the supervision of competent regional prosecutors, and justice was served with them after the completion of the search procedures.

National Security Interests, in conjunction with the Directorate General of Regional Surveillance and the interests of competent public and health officials, will continue their activities aimed at combating these types of crimes that threaten health. An attempt to protect the health of Moroccan citizens, residents and foreigners, through the final cut of this type of fraud.

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