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How to inquire about health insurance in Emirates


Did you know that medical insurance is mandatory in the UAE since 2013? Did you know that there are different ways you can inquire about health insurance in the UAE? If your answer is no, don’t worry, in this article, I will explain to you everything you need to know about how to inquire about medical insurance in Emirates and how to get the best coverage. Health insurance regulations in each emirate.

Inquiry about health insurance

The UAE offers excellent health insurance to individuals and companies through the Daman scheme and the Tikka Card, the Tikka Card is a health insurance card that allows you to avail healthcare services at all public and private hospitals in the Emirates.

You can find out the details and validity of the Thika Card through the Health Insurance Inquiry Service using the Emirates ID number. As for the process of inquiring about health insurance, it is as follows:

  • Log in to the website or app To a health insurance company That you are dealing with.
  • Log in using your username and password.
  • Go to your account on the insurance website.
  • Choose a health insurance inquiry service.
  • Enter your ID number in the designated field.
  • Click on the inquiry icon.
  • Wait a while for your health insurance information to appear.

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Inquiring about medical insurance

Inquiry about health insurance

Many people are interested in inquiring about health insurance in Emirates because health insurance determines the level of health care they can get and the value of health insurance varies depending on many factors such as the number and type of family members. Hospitals and clinics that are part of the insurance network and the type of services included in the policy.

Health insurance for an individual can range between 3,400 UAE dirhams and 19,000 UAE dirhams, depending on the comprehensive nature of the coverage for medical services in the intensive care unit or regular rooms. For the family, the value of the health insurance can reach 24,600 UAE Dirhams and it covers 2,000 hospitals in addition to clinics and pharmacies, which means that the family can get a wide range of quality health services.

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How much does health insurance cost in the UAE?

The cost of health insurance varies depending on the type of plan, the insurance provider and the coverage required. The average cost of health insurance in the UAE is AED 10,000 per year, and premiums for comprehensive health insurance can fall in the range of AED 5,500. 33,500 dirhams per year for a family of four.

How long is the insurance renewal period?

The insured must renew the health insurance policy 30 days prior to its expiry date and receive the health insurance policy within 14 days from the date of termination of the contract. In the case of accident insurance, the central bank coordinated an important amendment. The policy makes available to an errant driver, in case of an accident and his driving license has expired, he has to renew it within 30 days from the date of the accident, if renewal is possible. , get insurance coverage.

Does the family have health insurance?

If the employee is male, having one wife or more, the health care services cover his entire family, even if his sons are above the age of twenty-five years and his daughters are unmarried.

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