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“Women’s Sports” adopts an agenda of activities and events


Dubai (Etihad)
The Board of Directors of the Women’s Sports Federation held its third meeting chaired by Noora Al Suwaidi, General Secretary of the General Women’s Association, at the General Women’s Association headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Topics and development plans to predict a better future for women’s sports.
The meeting was attended by Vice Chairman Dr. Moza Al Shehi, Secretary General Mona Al Shamsi, Chairman of Strategic Planning and Information Technology Committees Khalia Al Mannai, Chairman of Legal Committee Hind Al Alili, Chairman Asila Al Hashimi. Fatima Al Ali, Head of Competitions Committee, and Marketing and Sponsorship Committee.
The board of directors approved the management plan for activities and events in the coming period, and launched the federation’s website, which represents a leading platform to highlight the achievements of women’s sports in the country and highlights the achievements of UAE players and their applications. Reaping their honorable efforts, in light of this calls on the Emirates Federation for Women’s Sports. All UAE players must register together on the website.
The Board of Directors adopted the emblem of the Union at its second meeting, which is in the form of a flower with seven petals representing the seven emirates, with arms outstretched, with simple flowing lines symbolizing victory. Initiation and vitality, and a gold color derived from the United Arab Emirates emblem was chosen.
Noora Al Suwaidi affirmed that the Union operates according to its corporate identity based on the vision, mission and values ​​of the UAE, which takes into account investment in building people without discrimination between men and women and prepares a workforce capable of leading development. To promote sports, Emirati and Arab women’s sports, establish close relations with women’s related sports federations in Arab, regional and international countries, improve the status of the state and federation in various sports forums, deepen and strengthen national identity, and improve the performance of technical staff, referees and administrators. , qualifying and refining them, regulating the scope and conditions of their work, supporting women in the management bodies of sports organizations, promoting women’s participation in sports activities and spreading the culture of combating doping and harmful substances and preventing their dangers.
He said: “The Federation is committed to accepting its responsibilities and tasks and achieving its goals, which are the management of Emirati women’s sports, developing strategic plans in line with the vision and directions of the public interest, empowering women to participate in all international and national sports categories, working to achieve national sports achievements, and organizing sports competitions within the jurisdiction of the Federation, and promoting and regulating them within the framework of applicable laws, regulations and rules and regulation of affairs Private centers and clubs engaged in sports activities within the jurisdiction of the Federation.
He added: “The Federation is developing a plan to identify and groom talented sportspersons to represent the country in continental, international, Olympic and Paralympic championships and organize workshops, courses, training programs and conferences for national players, technicians, administrators and all types. including those participating in women’s sports, and building all kinds of internal and external teams to achieve goals.” The Federation supports and promotes all scientific research and studies related to the development and hosting of women’s sports. Community sports and seeks to support and promote the same, and to represent the state in international, regional and national meetings, events and conferences related to women’s sports.
For her part, Ghalia Al-Mannai, head of the strategic planning and IT teams, was proud to be on the board of directors of the Emirates Women’s Sports Federation and stressed that she was acting through her role at the federation to lead research projects. and research studies that include and analyze the current scene of women’s sports in the UAE as well as develop a strategic plan to promote the presence of Emirati women in the sports sector and implement action plans to ensure their balance in the Federation, as well as strengthen relationships with internal and external partners to ensure the achievement of common goals.

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