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Women’s universities demand that the recommendations of the “Engineering Geophysics” conference be translated into practical applications.


The World Conference on Engineering Geophysics is ranked among the top five conferences in the world in the field of Engineering Geophysics due to the exceptional research outputs it delivers.

Many female students specializing in “Earth Science” and participants in the seventh session of the conference held at UAE University confirmed to Al-Bayan that the conference has become a leading center for knowledge and exchange of world experiences.

They demanded that the conference’s scientific recommendations be translated into practical applications, and that relevant authorities take it upon themselves to prepare a generation of qualified researchers in engineering geophysics.

Exceptional Tabs

Student Hind Suhail Zahran said: As female students specializing in geosciences at UAE University, we were able to participate in the conference and attend special sessions, because of its scientific and international standing, which is also over. Its inception contributes to building science and developing knowledge related to engineering geophysics.” Through scientific publications and recommendations that help achieve exceptional leaps in sustainable development.”

Student Fatima Isa explained that she benefited from the scientific papers presented by the experts and experts who participated in the conference.

Student Noora Saif Al Gabi pointed out that her expertise in the Department of Geosciences at UAE University is based on the awareness and recognition of the importance of the participation of geologists from the country in these important specialties, such as geosciences or geological studies. is not limited to specific specializations but has many practical applications in various areas of life.

Student Nouf Salem Al Shamsi said: “As female students specializing in earth sciences, we are keen to implement our participation in activities, events and projects related to our expertise and strengthen our role in community service. The college’s programs have a theoretical aspect by preparing and organizing workshops and scientific events.” Various features to strengthen our application and professional side.

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Student Mariam Al Taheri pointed out that participating in the conference inspired her to prepare special scientific research related to important biological issues, especially in the field of geography, where various scientific applications have now appeared, which help to connect various sciences. Ecogeography and other to achieve better results and recommendations. .

Dr. Mahmoud Abu Saimah, a conference organizing committee and lecturer at the Department of Geosciences at UAE University, said: “This conference is truly innovative and creative and presents new developments and methods in the field of engineering geophysics. Related fields with global impact, all of which will engage male and female students intellectually and scientifically. Enriching topics. It inspires them with interest in scientific research, and benefits from researchers participating in the conference and various international universities.

Five are the best

A professor in the Department of Geosciences at UAE University, Dr. Bahaa El-Din Mahmoud, the conference has been ranked among the top five conferences in the world in the field of engineering geophysics, due to the exceptional research outputs it provides.

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