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World Vitiligo Day .. Tips for taking care of the patient’s mental health


The world celebrates June 25th every yearWorld Vitiligo Day The Times of India website reports on how to treat vitiligo and how to take care of a patient’s mental health, in order to spread awareness about the disease and educate people about its causes and various treatments. .

Vitiligo is a condition in which melanin is lost in the skin, leading to discoloration of the skin.

Vitiligo is a common skin condition with white or hypopigmented patches on the body. Patients are prescribed creams or light therapy to treat the problem, but little has been done to address the challenges they face.

This skin condition affects a person more psychologically than physically. Vitiligo is a life threatening condition, but skin discoloration affects a person’s confidence.

Vitiligo patients have a higher rate of comorbid mental illness, and vitiligo patients often suffer from social fear, depression, low self-esteem and isolation.

People with vitiligo may have to deal with poor body shape and may try to cover up pigmentation with clothing or makeup to avoid unnecessary attention.

It can add to stress and affect self-esteem, said Dr Zahir Jamati, a consultant psychologist and psychologist at Machina Hospital in Mumbai, India.

“Self-acceptance is the first step and stop hiding vitiligo from people. Once you accept the disease, everyone around you accepts it,” he explained.

Working with a psychiatrist can help detect early warning signs of depression and anxiety and prevent them from developing further.

Experts advise you to follow a regular sleep pattern, keep a Thanksgiving journal for the blessings of life, join the Vitiligo Support Group and get regular counseling for better mental health.

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