August 10, 2022

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Yael Brun-Bivet was the first female Speaker of the French National Assembly

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French MP Yale Bruin-Pivot was elected; A close ally of President Emmanuel Macron, she became Speaker of the National Assembly on Tuesday, becoming the first woman to hold the post.

Brune-Bivet, a member of the presidential party, received 242 votes; I.e. an absolute majority of votes during the second round of voting.

Olivier Vernon, Minister of Parliamentary Relations, welcomed Bron-Bewitt’s election and tweeted, “Finally! For the first time in its history, a woman will head the National Assembly.”

Amid applause, Peron called for a “debate” with members of the Pivot Association and rejected the confrontational approach.

Unlike most Western democracies, no woman has ever been president of the National Assembly in France.

French Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne continued her consultation on Tuesday to secure an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

Macron appointed Barn to vote on the political constituencies in the National Assembly on the possibility of reaching a “government agreement” and the possibility of forming a new government in early July.

The French president was re-elected in April with a comfortable majority, but suffered a setback in the June 19 second round of assembly elections, losing an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

Macron not only enjoys a relative majority, which forces him to form alliances to implement his reform plan, especially in relation to pensions.


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