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Yahya al-Faqharani’s participation in “Series for History” … “Layali Al Helmeya” and he apologized for “Arabesk” | News

Artist Yahya al-Faqrani hosted the show “Her Excellency” hosted by artist and journalist Esaad Younes on the dmc channel and narrated scenes from his participation in a group of the most popular plays presented. On television, the first of which is “Layali Al Helmeya”.


Yahya Al-Fakhrani said: “Initially, I was a candidate for the role of Suleiman Ghanem, and Osama Anwar Okasha tried to convince me that this was a tasty comedy character, but I asked him to give me the role of Saleem Al-Badri, despite the first 5 episodes.”

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He added: “Saeed Saleh apologized for playing the role of Suleiman Ghanem. Sadani played the role and his work was sweet. “

He continued, “After reading chapter 5, I spoke to Osama Anwar Okasha at 3 in the morning and told him that I would write about history before nightmares and after nightmares because he wrote beautifully, and in a third volume tried to change the music of Michel al-Masri in the order of the series. , But he refused.


Commenting on the scenes of his role in the “Jesinia” series, he said: “When I found out about the character, I told Osama Anwar Okasha that this was the first screen boy, that he would try to be the worst. I went in. I’m very disappointed to be called a wife and asked if I’m sick. “


Yahya al-Fakhrani explained the reason for his apology for his role in the Arabesque series: “I apologize for wanting to adapt the need for a writer other than Osama Anwar Okasha, even though he is my friend, and in a hurry because this is the first opportunity for director Jamal Abdel Hamid.” (No) Mustafa Amin needs it differently. “

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As for the series “Nisf Rabi al-Aqeer”, Yahya al-Faqrani noted that the author Muhammad Jalal Abdel Khawi gave him a personal experience for which the writing was honest, and that artist Ilham Shaheen always liked himself. Participate in this series.

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