June 3, 2023

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Yasser Jalal "Shahriyar" in Ramadan

Yasser Jalal “Shahriyar” in Ramadan

Cairo: Ahmed Ibrahim

After creating the character of President Sisi, which he presented in the third episode of “The Choice” last Ramadan drama season, star Yasser Jalal has decided to move away from social drama in the next season and go for tradition. , has signed on to star in a new series titled “One Thousand and One Nights.”

In the series, Yasser plays the role of “Shahriyar”, who decides to kill every woman he marries on the morning after his wedding for treason, until he meets “Shehrazad”, a woman who uses a trick with him to escape death. So she begins to tell many interesting stories and tales and is eager to tell him the story the next day, which postpones the order to kill her, so the stories and stories continue, and Scheherazade remains alive.

Jalal will start preparing for the work in the upcoming period while director Hosam Ali continues to recommend the remaining heroes of the work and the star who will play the role of “Scheherazad” to announce the start of the shoot. After officially signing a contract with them.

It is noteworthy that many stars have given Yasser Jalal the earlier role of the same name, “Shahriyar”, as the late Abdel Rahim Al-Zarghani gave him to radio in the very popular “Alf Leila wa Leila” series. The era of the fifties of the last century, and the late “Shahrazad” played the role of Juzu Nabil, and in a TV series titled “One Thousand and One Nights” star Hussain Fahmi and played the role of “Shehrazad”. artist Najla Fathi, and in 1992, the late actor Sameer Khanem cast her in a series of the same title, and star Laila LV played the role of “Scheherazade”.

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On the other hand, Yasser Jalal is gearing up in the coming days to start shooting for the series “Al Deeb” written by Omar Abdel Halim, directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal, and its events will revolve around 8 episodes of sci-fi, an action thriller. The plot is about a “werewolf” man who turns into a wolf. Under extraordinary circumstances, what causes him many problems, and is planned to be shown on one of the stages in the future.