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Years of Salem al-Jabar | Abdullah Muhammad is the cause


Nine years have passed since Salem Saif Al Jaber Al Shamsi, (July 17: 2014-2023), an Emirati writer and researcher who was born in Ras Al Khaimah and holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration and political science. Department of Special Education in Ras Al Khaimah Education District Until the moment of his death and since then living, there was no awareness or news of the book bearing a new signature in the world of literary and cultural research.

Nine years have passed without his manuscripts appearing in the cultural world, either through the Ministry of Education represented by the Ras Al Khaimah Educational Zone, or in the cultural institutions of the country engaged in general cultural and literary research productions, who have worked diligently, actively, efficiently, and honestly.

Manuscripts such as (Special Educational Dictionary «Arabic-English») Ministry of Education prioritizes the acceptance of publication of this educational dictionary due to its scientific usefulness to the student community and academic linguistics library. and appreciation for the research and scientific effort of author Salem Saif al-Jaber.

Likewise, in 2012 (Alphonse de Lamartine: Pioneer of French Romantic Poetry) in the series “Celebrities do justice to Islam”, followed by (Alexander Pushkin: Prince of Russian Poets) in 2014 in the year of departure; There are finished manuscripts waiting to emerge from the darkness of drawers and computer memory: (Goethe, Bernard Shaw, Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Bunin, Gandhi), which he crafted in a literary style that refers to him and distinguishes him from anyone else.

Then, there are manuscripts worthy of publication; Due to its qualitative contribution to the intellectual, literary and scientific renaissance of the UAE; Researcher Al-Jabar’s latest literary publication, Literary Research: (The Syndrome, Encyclopedia of Nicknames, Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Muhammad, Signatures in Arabic Literature) or related to historical figures, imaginary encounters and conversations utanabi, Al-Ma’ari, Imam Al-Ghazali, Julia Domna, Socrates, Fahd Al-Askar …), manuscript provided by the family of the late Salem Saif Al-Jabar In addition to the catalog of copies, published in local and regional and print media, from 1983, until his departure, literature, literary and cultural studies, literature, literature and general studies Mike specialized in the field, and industry.

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We hereby emphasize the need for the family of the late Salem Saif al-Jaber to communicate with relevant authorities in various fields of knowledge and culture and provide his manuscripts.
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