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Yes, someone was already hosting a bachelorette party from Waluigi


Random: Yeah, someone was already having a Waluigi bachelorette party, and it was awesome.

Image: Nintendo

Here’s something that won’t surprise Waluigi fans (at least we don’t think!) — Waluigi has gone viral on TikTok. But not for the reasons you might think.

Last week, Emily Yates – Cherry syrup On TikTok – Share a video on TikTok featuring seven different people dressed as Waluigi. The reason? It’s for a hen party – or hen night, for those of us in the UK. Yes, indeed, bachelorette party and leggy. Did you know that there are seven different forms of Waluigi? We haven’t done that yet.

After the video went viral, Yates spoke to him shed About how I got the idea. Yates wanted to do something chaotic for her party, but she didn’t want to follow anyone else. Yeats settled on Waluigi because he was “a slender creature of pure chaotic energy,” and we couldn’t agree more. We’re still a little surprised that Waluigi’s party hasn’t happened before, but it looks like Yates has started a trend of his own.

Sure, throwing a party is fun, but getting people to come and participate is another thing entirely. To get people involved, I gave a PowerPoint presentation – a classic! Although some of her friends and family were confused, seven people (originally nine, but two had to drop out) managed to join!

You can watch all seven outfits in the video below as each Willie tries to guess which outfit will get the most booze. This will let you know how the party is going!

In these “seven years”, Yates Elvis and Luigi. Yes. The bride made her own outfit from scratch – she might share more of her TikTok videos in the future. But she doesn’t plan on wearing the dress down the aisle. However, he is happy with the response the video has received on Twitter.

Our favorite Waluigi would have to be Cult Waluigi – can you imagine the spiritual chaos he would cause if this was an actual replica? Nintendo, take note.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite version of Waluki is!

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