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You know how to get a free copy of Windows 11


Period / Nearly a month after the continuous release of several versions of Windows 11 in developer and beta versions, Microsoft has finally released the final version of Windows 11 on the preview channel.

This preview is the last creation of the Windows 11 Insider preview before officially launching on October 5, and is now available to Windows Insider users who only need to change the channel from Dev or Beta to the preview on Windows 10 before the official official release of the Windows 11 operating system.

Microsoft has also released the final version of Windows 11 – 22000.194 – on the Windows Insider website, and those who want to install Windows 11 on their PC can go to the website and download the ISO file.

How to get a copy of Windows 11 preview

To get it before Windows 11 is officially released, you first need a Windows 11-compatible system. Support Windows 11 or not.

1- If your PC supports Windows 11, you need to enroll in the Windows Insider program.

To do this, go to Settings in your Windows 10 PC -> Update & Security -> Windows Insider program.

2- Now, click the Start button and link the Microsoft account you are currently using to Windows 10

3- Next, select Windows 10 Channel and select Confirm Release Preview Channel

4- Now, restart your computer

5- When the system reboots, go to Settings -> Update & Security, here you will see a new banner with Windows 11 update

6- Click the Download and Install option and follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows 11

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7- Once Windows 11 is installed, go to Settings -> Update & Security and select the “Stop receiving updates” option.

This step is not mandatory, but it will ensure that a future Windows Insider update will not be released in the preview cycle and will be in the latest build of Windows 11. Regular updates they should come.

Now, reboot your computer, insert the USB drive and select boot from USB in the BIOS settings, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

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