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King Labid of Jordan secretly met in Amman


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September 26, 2021 8:52 GMT

Update Date: September 26, 2021 11:30 GMT

Hebrew Channel 12 reported on Sunday that King Abdullah II of Jordan had secretly met with Israeli Foreign Minister Yir Lapit in the capital, Amman, earlier this month.

Source: Iram News

Hebrew Channel 12 reported on Sunday that King Abdullah II of Jordan had secretly met with Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lobit in the capital, Amman, last month.

The Hebrew channel King Abdullah and Lapid “strengthened relations between the two countries and discussed tensions in the city of Jerusalem and Temple Mount,” the US administration explained in detail of the secret visit.

This is the third meeting between the King of Jordan and key Israeli officials in recent times, and he has previously met with Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett and Israeli President Isaac Herzog in the capital, Amman.

According to the Hebrew Channel, “These meetings are part of a series of efforts aimed at reforming Israel’s relations with Jordan, which were tense during the tenure of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Earlier this year, Israel agreed to sell an additional 50 million cubic meters of water to Jordan and to increase Jordan’s export capacity to the West Bank to about $ 700 million a year.

The Jordanian request was approved after the Israeli newspaper, Ediot Ahronot, assessed that water authority experts had made it possible to respond to Jordanian demands on Lake Tiberias.

The newspaper pointed out that the approval of the request to increase the water allocation for the current and future years is also coming to improve relations between the two parties, as the Prime Minister sought to open a new page in relations with astrology. It was very tense during the time of Benjamin Netanyahu.

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