March 23, 2023

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"You said the universe was a beast. I'm going to lose the whole universe."

“You said the universe was a beast. I’m going to lose the whole universe.”

Egyptian actress Yasmin Abdel Aziz and her husband artist Ahmed Al-Awadi b.Media show Mona L-Shassley, On CBC, in the midst of the journey between life and death, the beloved artist reveals his experiment for the first time.

Commenting on her crisis and illness, Yasmin Aptelogis said: “I set Furfucha, what happened.” Her husband, Ahmed al-Awadi, replied: “I’m back. I’m the beast of the universe,” which is the famous description he gave her during their joint championship in the series “Ellie Malush Kabir” shown last Ramadan.

The beautiful actress, who is famous for her comedic roles, replied: “Oh, you said the beast of the universe, I’m leaving the whole universe.”

For his part, Ahmad al-Awadi explained how he faced the ordeal his wife experienced: “Your partner .. be helpless .. I was devastated on the day of Yasmin’s illness .. and I imagined for the first time that I had come to this point.”

Also artist Yasmin Aptelogis has shared a new video while styling her hair Mona L-Shassley in preparation for her first appearance with the media Following the illness, he posted on his Instagram account.

A large number of visitors contacted her, wished her good health, waited until the episode was shown and learned previously undisclosed details.

For his part, the media, Mona Al-Shasli, advertised his episode with artist Yasmin Abdel Aziz and posted a video through his personal account on the “Instagram” website. Crisis. “

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