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“You will not lose sweets” .. 5 magical ways to lose weight


Eating a portion of sweets is a daily habit for many people, but if you are a fan of these delicious desserts you should take into account the high calories, which can eventually lead to weight gain and obesity.

The “eatthis” website says that there are a lot of healthy eating habits recommended by nutritionists so you do not have to give up your favorite sweets, and these are the most important:

1- Select the desserts that are restricted to portions.

Eating too much food can ruin your health goals. Pre-separated desserts like a few dried fruits or a small piece of chocolate are good options.

2- Enjoy a cup of green tea with your favorite desserts

Eating green tea with a candy is a healthy option. According to nutritionists, green tea contains a combination of caffeine and EGCG, both of which have been proven to help with weight loss.

Green Tea – iStock

3- Trust the natural sweetness of the fruit

If you like fruit, try relying on your favorite desserts from time to time.

Eating fruits helps to provide fiber to your body, as well as controls appetite and promotes satisfaction.

4 – Do not humble yourself .. Eat any kind of dessert you like

Excessive self-control in order to lose weight can have the opposite effect.

“When we skip meals and do not eat the foods we want, our appetite will increase and we will eat twice as much as we need,” says nutritionist Taylor Wesley.

“The more you adapt to your appetite and eat sweets, the less your desire for it will decrease over time, and your portion sizes will naturally decrease,” says Wesley.

Healthy Eating - iStock

Healthy Eating – iStock

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5- Always eat nutritious food before dessert

Before eating dessert, you should eat your diet rich in healthy ingredients because if you try to eat sweets on an empty stomach or after a malnourished meal, it can have some negative effects on your health goals.

According to nutritionists, skipping meals is a natural reaction to consuming too much food to count the calories your body needs to lose.

“Also, eating high carbohydrate foods can quickly raise your blood sugar. These types of foods can also increase your appetite for sweets.”

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