March 23, 2023

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You won’t expect it.. Know about the effects of hair braiding

Follow up – Suzanne Hassan

Hair ties that can help you do simple hairdos or organize your hair, despite their importance and the need to use them many times, but their use is not without complications and damage, and we will present you with its damages in this article.

1- Tying hair causes headache
We are sure that you have faced this problem before and felt a severe headache after tying your hair or putting it in a ponytail. In fact, using a regular hair tie and tying it tightly on your hair for a long time can cause short and long headaches. Kala, ie, after parting the hair.

2- Hair tie causing hair loss
When the hair is tied tightly with a conventional dye, it causes the hair to fall out from the roots, the fibers have a certain amount of stretchability, when this percentage is exceeded, the hair falls out from the root. , when you remove the ponytail, you notice that several lumps are scattered on the ground, having fallen from the roots.

3- Hair dye makes hair thin
In addition to the loss of tufts, when the tie is attached to the hair and tightened tightly around the tuft, the hair tie can become thinner, as this can cause severe friction between the tufts, especially where the tie is located. Hair loss and thinning.

4- Hair tie causes baldness in the front of the head
A regular and tight hair tie pulls all the clumps from all sides, especially from the front of the head, when the hair is pulled from this area for a long time and the clumps fall out from the front of the head, after some time you will notice that the forehead starts to look bigger as if you have started balding from the front.

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5- Reduces hair growth rate
When hair follicles come into contact with tumors, it becomes thinner and weaker, so it is no longer healthy, which is directly reflected in the length of the hair and its growth rate.

We advise you to replace the regular hair tie with a scrunchie, because it does not cause hair loss or weaken the hair, on the contrary, it is very gentle on the strands and protects them.