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Your health during Ramadan .. A symptom on the tongue, which can indicate a dangerous medical problem

Your health during Ramadan .. A symptom on the tongue, which can indicate a dangerous medical problem

10:30 PM

Wednesday 13 April 2022

Books – Syed Medwali

Oral cancer is the sixth most common cause of death worldwide, so it is important to look at its symptoms and, if it is diagnosed early, provide early treatment.

Often, people think about their mouth only when they brush their teeth or go to the dentist, and the rest of the time, even if it is used for eating, drinking and talking, it does not enter people’s minds, however, it can. Provide a window into a person’s health, and signs on the mouth may indicate that there is something wrong with public health, according to the British newspaper Express website.

This includes numbness of the tongue, which is one of the seven symptoms that indicate something more serious than a toothache. They may appear, which may indicate something more serious:

Mouth bruising pain

Bleeding in the mouth that does not heal for more than two weeks

Swelling in the neck lasting more than two weeks

A part of the mouth changes color and remains intact

A lump or thickening on the cheek will not go away

A constant feeling like something is stuck in your throat or a change in your voice that lasts for more than two weeks.

“We always see patients getting irritation around their teeth and developing squamous cell carcinoma, which may have plagued them for up to a year,” says Brian Berkeley, a Cleveland Clinic doctor.

Although every type of cancer is dangerous, Bergie adds: “The good news is that if they are diagnosed early, these cancers are of the highest quality and most treatable. The treatment is very difficult.

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One of the problems with different forms of oral cancer is that it is easy to diagnose and easy to forget.

In a world where everyone is so busy and has so many worries, it is easy to delay going to the dentist or doctor about the mouth ulcer problem, which in turn means that some cancers are not diagnosed quickly. This is why Dr. Bergy advised me to go see someone if the symptoms persist for more than two weeks.

However, just because a person has numbness in the mouth does not mean they have cancer on their own.

Other possible things are:

Allergic reaction


Burning mouth syndrome.

This type of cancer is often associated with alcohol or tobacco use or human papilloma virus infection.

Other risk factors for oral cancer include unhealthy diet and poor oral hygiene.

Most health officials recommend brushing twice a day for at least two minutes.

Mouthwash is recommended and available at most supermarkets and pharmacies.

If any of these symptoms persist, consult your dentist or general practitioner.

Follow all medical advice and learn how to maintain your physical and mental health .. Click here